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Would you like to hear what real patients have to say about working with Dr. David DiGiallorenzoDr. Henry Hsu, and the team at the LANAP and Implant Center? Below you will find video patient testimonials from patients who have experienced the high-quality, comfortable care we offer.

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Anne G.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo, I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience and care that you gave me. My smile is from ear to ear. The teeth look amazing. Sandy and Anne are wonderful caring people. You yourself are a amazing doctor and caring person. I could not have asked for better... *

B. Bowen

Many thanks to you and your team of angels for the great experience I had in your office on Wednesday. From start to finish I felt cared for and safe and calm in your care. Though the procedure was four hours long, I felt no pain during or after the procedure! This is a welcome change for me,... *

Ann C.

Several years ago I went to Dr. D because of the start of gum problems. I could not tell I had a problem. My former dentist retired and when I went to a new dentist, he told me I needed to go to a specialist. He referred me to two dentists; I picked Dr. D. It seems like a funny thing to say,... *

Allyssa C.

I had 4 teeth extracted in the fall of 2009. The dental professionals I consulted with had recommended the titanium implants when I decided to go with implants. Since I am in my 30s, knowing that titanium implants is highly biocompatible with great durability, but not sure with the possible long... *