At the LANAP and Implant Center, we know you’ll have questions about your dental care. We’re always happy to provide answers. We’ve answered some of the questions we hear most often below. If yours isn’t addressed here, feel free to contact our team. We’re happy to help!

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What Can I Do to Avoid Periodontal Disease?

Avoiding gum disease involves proper brushing and flossing daily and regular visits to your dentist. Cleaning away plaque on a daily basis will prevent calculus from forming, but you’re not going to be able to get everything. That’s why professional cleanings twice a year are so important.

What Should I Do If I Develop Gum Disease?

Contact one of our two periodontal offices near Philadelphia, PA to schedule an appointment. We provide LANAP gum disease treatment using dental lasers to offer no-cut, no-sew, pain-free periodontal therapy. We also offer holistic treatments to enhance your therapy from Dr. DiGiallorenzo.

Will My Procedure Hurt?

Dr. DiGiallorenzo focuses on providing painless periodontal and dental implant procedures. He uses various anesthesia technologies including The Wand® as well as sedation dentistry to reduce the pain of your gum grafting, bone grafting, or gum disease treatment. Also, by providing laser treatments including LANAP, he keeps pain to a minimum. In addition, our holistic treatments can increase relaxation and balance out your care regimen.

What Does “Holistic” Mean?

Holistic care takes the entire body into account during treatment of specific diseases. In our case, we believe that your oral health is affected by your overall health. The entire body is interconnected, so you need complete physical, emotional, and mental health to find healing for problems such as gum disease. Dr. DiGiallorenzo is so committed to holistic care that he works with The Wellness Center to provide treatments including massage therapy and acupuncture to patients at his Philadelphia area periodontal offices.

How Long Will My Procedure Take?

The length of time it takes to complete a procedure depends on the type of procedure being performed. Gum grafting, bone grafting, and crown lengthening take about an hour to an hour and a half, while other procedures might take longer. Immediate total tooth replacement will take several hours, while a traditional dental implants procedure will require multiple phases and several months to complete. If you want to learn more about the specific procedure you’re seeking, contact one of our offices.

Does Your Office Offer Financing?

We work with CareCredit and LendingClub to offer no-interest and long-term financing options. Patients love the flexibility that financing provides, and these providers can help you fit your gum disease and dental implant care into your budget.

Why Would I Need Metal-Free Dental Implants?

A standard dental implant is made from titanium. We use titanium because this metal naturally merges to the bone. The implant stops bone recession and secures permanent replacement teeth. In some cases, patients prefer to have no metal in their mouths, and other patients have a sensitivity to metal alloys. We can use zirconium implants as an alternative to traditional dental implants. Zirconium implants are biocompatible and deter plaque and tartar buildup. This reduces your risk of serious dental problems like gum disease.