Up to 70% of all chronic diseases are associated with problem areas in the oral cavity. The oral cavity remains a nidus for acute and chronic inflammation including bacterial yeast, fungus and viral pathogens. This dysbiosis disturbs the voltage of the human body, creates cellular imbalance, vascular disturbances and sets up a pattern for disease and illness. The oral cavity remains deeply connected to each organ system and all cranial nerves. It remains the most overlooked aspect of health and wellness.

Therefore, balancing is critical. For this reason, comprehensive dental detoxification and rehabilitation becomes crucial in establishing health and wellness. As a result of Dr D’S specialty training in Periodontics and Implantology in the early 1990 at University of Pennsylvania and over two decades of periodontics and dental implant expertise, complex restorations can be delivered with astounding predictability and biologic long term success in a single transition.

Dr D has understood and integrated the fundamentals of integrative medicine/Dentistry for decades and focused his patient care on immune support, risk factor reduction and detoxification of both local and environmental risks. Dr D has been involved with metal free implantology and titanium implantology for over a decade at his Pennsylvania clinic.

Our team integrates LANAP, acupuncture, nutritional protocols, reflexology, homeopathy and aromotherapy to advance our outcomes along with a defined pre and post therapy protocol to optimize your bodies response. We are currently utilizing metal free implants developed by The Swiss Biohealth institute. We work with your integrative medical doctors to ensure a complete understanding of the necessary diagnosis and develop a plan to maximize your health.

At the heart of our mission, we believe saving your teeth are always the best option to keep your neural, meridian and biological systems / pathways intact. We have refined our non-surgical integrative LANAP protocol for over a decade to create single visit options for reduction of infections and detoxify the mouth along with neuromuscular and occlusal balancing.

We perform all the necessary remediation in one appointment usually under anesthesia with our team anesthesiologist Dr Anthony Demarco.

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