Sinus Lifts

Make Room For Dental Implants In Your Upper Jaw.

Prepare Your Jaw For Dental Implants With Sinus Lifts in South Williamsport

If you’re getting dental implants in your upper jaw, we’ll want to make sure there is enough space for successful placement. Fortunately, for patients that lack adequate space, our implant dentists in South Williamsport, PA can usually perform sinus lifts. A sinus lift procedure involves “lifting” your sinus cavity away from your mouth so there is more room for implants.

Because our specialists have advanced training in periodontology, your sinus lift procedure will go smoothly. They also use some of the latest dental technology, including:

  • Cone Beam Imaging – This 3D X-ray gives us images of your teeth but also the tissue, bone, and nerve pathways that surround them. This level of detail helps us better plan your procedure and identify any potential complications before your treatment even starts.
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  • The Wand® – If you’ve experienced lingering numbness following a dental procedure, you know it can be unpleasant and affect your ability to get on with your day. We’ll administer exactly the right amount of anesthesia and only where you need it with this computerized system. It won’t take long after your procedure for you to feel more like yourself!

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Stay Comfortable During Your Sinus Lift Procedure

Don’t worry about discomfort during your sinus lift procedure! You can choose from two kinds of safe dental sedation: oral conscious sedation and IV sedation. Both will help you remain completely relaxed throughout your treatment. Thanks to our effective local anesthetics, you may not even need sedation. Our Wand anesthesia system painlessly delivers anesthesia in incremental amounts throughout your procedure. You’ll avoid the burning or stinging sensation that can result from receiving a single large dose of anesthesia.

We can map your entire surgery before it starts using our cone beam technology, so your sinus lift shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half. You’ll return to our office in about a week so we can remove your stitches and check your healing progress.

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