Bone Grafts

Build A Strong Foundation For Your Dental Implants!

Prepare For Dental Implants With Bone Grafts in Collegeville

If you want dental implants but have been told your bone is too thin to support them, a bone graft procedure will give your bone the strength it needs. Our specialists use special replacement material to fill in areas where bone has been lost due to disease, injury, or resorption following tooth loss.

Bone grafts will:

  • Spur healthy new bone growth
  • Allow for placement of dental implants
  • Enable you to get the dental restorations you want
  • Protect your other teeth by preserving the bone between extracted teeth and remaining teeth
  • Restore your jaw’s natural contours and prevent a ridge deformity
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If you need to build bone density for dental implants, call the LANAP and Implant Cent0er at 610-409-6461 to make an appointment with one of our Collegeville implant dentists.

We’ll Recommend the Right Bone Graft Procedure

Dr. David DiGiallorenzo’s training includes prosthodontics, periodontics, and oral implantology. With this expertise, he can advise you on the bone grafting procedure best for your situation. He may recommend:

  • Sinus Bone Grafting – If your sinus membrane is positioned too low for dental implant placement, Dr. DiGiallorenzo can perform a sinus lift to make room for the dental implants. We use calcium grafting materials to help your bone quickly grow in the affected area, stabilizing the implant. Your natural bone eventually replaces the materials as it grows.
  • Ridge Preservation – A ridge preservation periodontal bone grafting procedure is sometimes needed after a tooth extraction. Dr. DiGiallorenzo extracts the tooth and fills the area with absorbable calcium materials. He then covers the spot to protect the growing bone.

Either procedure lasts about an hour. You’ll return to our office about a week later for a follow-up appointment so we can remove your stitches and check on your bone graft.

Recover Smoothly With PRGF & Proper Nutrition

Postoperative care is as important as the bone graft itself. We’ll ensure your recovery goes smoothly with:

  • PRGF – This revolutionary technique uses the latest in technology to stimulate healing. We use a small amount of your blood to help encourage healing of the gum and bone tissues. PRGF (platelets rich in growth factors) helps make your recovery painless, reduces swelling, and leads to more successful results.
  • Specialized Nutrition Program – When your body is fueled with the right combination of nutritious foods, it is better able to heal itself following surgery. Using PRGF and a customized nutrition regimen, our team gives you all the advantages possible from the very start.

To learn more about how bone grafts can help you get dental implants, call 610-409-6461.

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