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Preserve Your Dental Health With Tooth Removal in Collegeville

Your adult teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, due to trauma, decay, or some other damaging effect, one or more teeth must be extracted. While this can seem frightening, we try to remind patients that a tooth removal is not the end of their beautiful smile. Removing a severely damaged tooth will make you healthier. Plus, the dental implant we can place afterward will restore your beautiful smile!

Your tooth extraction will go smoothly, thanks to:

  • Our skilled dental team, led by Dr. DiGiallorenzo who has over 25 years of experience
  • Technology like cone beam imaging, which helps us clearly see impactions or other possible complications before your extraction procedure starts
  • The Wand®, a computerized system for effectively administering local anesthesia in just the right amount
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  • Dental sedation options so you can choose the one that will best fit your needs
  • Holistic comforts like massage, reflexology, and acupuncture

To schedule a tooth extraction, call 610-409-6461.

Our Specialists Will Let You Know When an Extraction Is Needed

Our specialists will do everything they can to save your teeth. However, they will recommend an extraction to preserve your oral health in certain situations. Some reasons an extraction may be needed include:

  • Making room for more teeth or to prepare the teeth for proper alignment
  • Stopping infection to prevent more serious oral and medical problems later on
  • As a result of gum (periodontal) disease, which causes teeth in the infected gums to become loose
  • Removing a badly damaged tooth that can’t be saved with a restoration like a dental crown

Select the Level of Sedation That Works Best For You

Though we’ll give you just the right amount of local anesthesia with The Wand, you may also want to receive sedation. We offer two options that provide different levels of relaxation. You can choose:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation – You’ll take a prescription pill before your appointment, so you’ll arrive already relaxed.
  • IV Sedation – Our board-certified anesthesiologist will administer this sedation, which will put you into an almost sleeplike state. You may not remember anything about your procedure when it’s over.

After you’re relaxed, we will gently remove your tooth, pack the socket with gauze, and apply stitches if necessary. You’ll go home to recover, one step closer to a healthy smile.

To discuss tooth removal with one of our specialists, call 610-409-6461.

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