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By The First Zirconia Implant Dentist, Dr. David DiGiallorenzo
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Zirconia Metal Free Implants Options

Dental implants are a revolutionary solution for missing teeth, and thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and our specialists in implant dentistry, we have been changing lives every single day for the last 25 years.

Tooth loss is among the most impactful and devastating dental problems a person can have. Our teeth are made to withstand a lifetime of use, and we use them in more ways than we realize.

We depend on them every single day, all day long. We’re so used to them being there, it isn’t until we lose one or more of them that we realize how incredibly valuable it is to have a full, healthy set of teeth.

It doesn’t matter if you’re missing one tooth or several teeth, you deserve replacement options that make you look great, feel comfortable, and keep your oral and overall health at its best.

Our team at the LANAP & Implant Center is committed to your wellness. It’s that commitment which allows us to offer tooth replacement combined with a health centered integrative approach tailored to your specific diagnosis .

The opportunity to chew comfortably is one of the main requests from our patients who are missing teeth. Dr. David DiGiallorenzo offers several types of dental implants at his Collegeville and Williamsport, PA dentist offices to restore your full oral
function, including:

  • Metal-Free Dental Implants – Patients travel from around the country for these implants made of strong and biocompatible zirconia.
  • Immediate Tooth Replacement Options – Get your implants and replacement teeth in one visit in a process we call immediate total tooth replacement.
  • Implant-Supported and Implant-Retained Dentures – Get full arches of replacement teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. Your overdentures will attach to either two or four implants per arch and will remain secure without adhesive.

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Hi, I’m Dr. David DiGiallorenzo of the LANAP and Implant Center. Today I’m just going to talk briefly about metal-free dental implants and metal-free dentistry.

Our goal at the LANAP and Implant Center is to create therapeutic endeavors that are as minimally invasive as possible. As well, we want the reactivity of the materials and the toxicity of the materials to be as low as possible.

About seven years ago, I was one of the first practitioners to begin to utilize zirconium dental implants once they were FDA approved in the US market. These implants are not for everyone. Here’s how I’ll state zirconium implants. When you have the perfect bite, the perfect bone, the perfect occlusion, and the perfect health, you are a super candidate for zirconium implants.

But again, many people come in and they ask for metal-free dentistry when they are missing one tooth. I look around their mouth and they have old amalgam restorations. They have old crowns with mixed metals. So the therapeutic benefit of having a dental implant that is metal-free when they have a mouthful of metal that could be posing some issues isn’t really a valuable option at that moment. Each patient is unique, their health is unique, their symptoms are unique, so we need to really fashion treatment plans that are best suited for that patient.

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Dr. Digiallorenzo and Dr. Hsu can replace a single tooth (with one implant and a dental crown) to a whole mouthful of teeth with implants. We are among the most experienced practice in the US in metal free implantology .

To find out which kinds of dental implants are right for your smile, call 610 228-4366.

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Enjoy Many Dental Implants Advantages

Implants are a natural method of tooth replacements. They’re far superior in many ways:

  • You won’t have to think about them – They look, feel, and function almost exactly like your natural teeth. Your oral hygiene routine won’t need to change. You may even forget you have them!

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  • They keep your jaw healthy – When you lose teeth or wear dentures for a while, your jawbone shrinks as your bone resorbs over time. Implants function like natural tooth roots to stimulate your jaw and keep it healthy.
  • They stay in place – Since implants are embedded in your jaw, they won’t shift or move. Your replacement teeth attach firmly to them using a fixed or removable option. Bite into a crisp apple with no worries about dislodging your teeth. Studies show that, after 10 years, 80 to 90 percent of implants are still fully functional.

Zirconia Dental Implant Benefits

As part of our commitment to biologically based, holistic treatment, the LANAP and Implant Center offers metal-free implants. Potentially, this may be a better option for many patients who are sensitive to metals, have autoimmune diseases, or chronic inflammatory diseases. The Swiss Biohealth protocol has been a tremendous advance in the design and
management of risk factors.

Patients travel from all over the country for Dr. Digiallorenzo’s expertise.

We look at many different factors when considering whether a patient is an ideal candidate for zirconium implants. One of them is if you have an allergy to metal. Zirconium is a wonderful substitute because it’s alloy-free so as not to cause an allergic reaction for patients who are concerned about metal. In addition, ceramic implants do not release any particles into the tissue, therefore eliminating the risk of allergies or intolerances developing.

Whether you suffer from a sensitivity to titanium or just prefer to use metal-free options whenever possible, metal-free implants offer clear benefits:

  • Zirconia dental implants are completely biocompatible with your gum and bone tissue. The gums grow onto this metal-free implant solution particularly well, thereby closing the gap for any bacteria that could enter into the blood circulation via the gums.
  • Traditional implants can sometimes leave a darkened area along the gumline. Zirconia better matches the color of your natural tooth roots, which gives you a more aesthetic result.
  • Zirconia can actually discourage plaque and tartar buildup, which lowers your risk for future gum disease.

Designed by Dr. Volz, these dental implants are a 3rd generation design incorporating the best aspects of titanium implantology with the noted biological benefits of zirconium. Those biological benefits include:

  • Soft tissue compatibility
  • Bone compatibility
  • Zero metal toxicity or sensitivity reactions / allergies
  • Zero temperature increase in surrounding bone to electromagnetic environmental influence
  • Prosthetic flexibility

Thanks to the “SCC Short Cut Concept According to Dr. Volz” introduced in 2014, we are now have the unique opportunity both to remove problem areas, such as metal implants, ischemic osteonecrosis or root-treated teeth, as well as to insert the ceramic implants in one single treatment. This allows the immune system to work perfectly – systemic stress is eliminated and the implants can reliably heal in place.

Metal-free implants have been popular in Japan. Most of the original science originated there. They continue to gain a devoted following here in the United States as well, due to the growing popularity of metal-free, holistic dentistry. They also serve as a viable alternative to our patients who have been diagnosed with titanium sensitivity by their medical doctor, acupuncturist or chiropractor.

Expert Zirconia Implant Dentist

You won’t find a more experienced metal-free implant dentist in the United States. In 2009, Z-Systems, a Swiss biotechnology company, selected the LANAP and Implant Center to be the first dental office in the U.S. to begin using its implants because Dr. DiGiallorenzo is a key opinion leader in the metal-free implant field.

Since then, Dr. DiGiallorenzo has utilized several generations of metal-free implant designs and currently uses the Swiss Dental Systems implants. He has more experience and understanding than anyone in the U.S. on how to achieve success with zirconium and when it’s best to use metal-free dental implants.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo is a specialist in periodontics and dental implantology. He has been placing zirconium implants for over a 2 decades and incorporating nutrition and lifestyle risk factor analysis in his approach for over 25 years . He also integrates growth factors such as PRGF into each indication to optimize healing.

“When it comes to the use of ceramics in dentistry, there is a significant history,” Dr. DiGiallorenzo said. “Zirconium dioxide is proving to be particularly well-accepted and proven in dental implantology, and I foresee it becoming as accepted in implantology circles as ceramics are in general and cosmetic dentistry circles.”

The number of registered holistic, metal-free dentists continues to increase, Dr. DiGiallorenzo said. Currently, there are about 5,000 practitioners nationwide.”

“Many of the leading manufacturers of dental implants are coating titanium with zirconium to generate improved biologic outcomes,” he said. “Since I began offering the metal-free option in my office, the results have been nothing but extraordinary with phenomenal hard and soft tissue integration.”

Dr. DiGiallorenzo has developed clinician outreach in the U.S. with other clinicians, and he has created a public awareness campaign. He also created a clinical review board to gather data on clinical success, which was presented at two national symposiums in 2009.

What Do Zirconia Implants Cost?

Zirconium implants should cost more than traditional implants. They are manufactured in Switzerland and can cost as much as 6 times the cost of a titanium implant. However, at LANAP & Implant Center the average cost of a zirconium implant is only $3,000.

Metal Free Implant Recovery with PRGF

serviceIn addition to offering the latest in dental implant technology and materials, Dr. DiGiallorenzo incorporates the proven use of PRGF in implant dentistry. By coating the implant itself in natural PRGF, he encourages faster and more efficient healing of the bone and soft tissues of the jaw. Your recovery time is shorter, and the holistic nature of the procedure means you’re treating your body as well as you’re treating your teeth and gums.

Another way we ensure a smooth implant procedure is through cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT. Cone beam technology allows for a faster and more accurate diagnosis. It also reveals the three-dimensional architecture of the periodontium (the gum tissues that surround and support your teeth) as it actively helps to reconstruct it.

Interested in metal-free dental implants or other dental implant options? Call 610 409-6064 to schedule a consultation with one of our implant dentists.

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