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Make Room For Dental Implants In Your Upper Jaw.

Bone Grafts in South Williamsport Will Get Your Mouth Ready For Implants

If you’ve been told that your jaw isn’t strong enough to support dental implants, we have good news for you! Dr. David DiGiallorenzo and the team at the LANAP and Implant Center use bone grafts to fill in areas of thinning bone. If your jawbone is unhealthy due to disease, injury, or missing teeth, a grafting procedure can make it sturdy enough so you can receive dental implants and enjoy all their benefits, including:

  • A complete smile and increased confidence to go along with it
  • The ability to eat any kind of delicious, delectable foods you want
  • Improved oral health and better overall health
  • A younger-looking, more attractive appearance
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Call our team today to schedule your consultation: 570-322-4741. We’re located at 2685 Euclid Ave., next to the Valley Inn.

Make Your Jaw Healthier & Stronger

Missing teeth can cause your bone structure to slowly deteriorate, or resorb. If your jawbone has resorbed or suffered damage, we may need to build up the lost bone before dental implants can be placed.

A bone graft uses synthetic bone material to spur new bone growth. Besides allowing you to get dental implants, bone regeneration can protect your remaining teeth and help you avoid an unattractive gum ridge deformity.

Trust an Experienced Professional For Your Procedure

Dr. DiGiallorenzo specializes in two types of bone graft procedures. If your sinus membrane is positioned too low for dental implant placement, he can perform a sinus bone grafting procedure to make room for your implants. Calcium grafting materials will help your bone quickly grow in the affected area. As these new bone cells continue to grow, they will eventually replace the grafting materials.

ridge preservation bone graft is sometimes needed after a tooth is extracted. After Dr. DiGiallorenzo removes your tooth, he will fill the area with absorbable calcium materials. He’ll then cover the spot to protect the new bone growth.

Recover From Bone Grafting Through PRGF & Proper Nutrition

PRGF (platelets rich in growth factors) is a revolutionary technique that Dr. DiGiallorenzo performs to stimulate his patients’ healing. Employing the latest technology, this treatment uses a small amount of your own blood to encourage healing of your gum and bone tissues. PRGF can make your healing process painless, reduce swelling, and lead to more successful results overall.

Providing your body the right combination of nutritious foods will make it better able to heal itself following your grafting procedure. Using a combination of PRGF and a customized nutrition program, we’ll help make your healing as quick and successful as possible.

Bone grafts make dental implants a reality for our patients. Call 570-322-4741 today to schedule your consultation.

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