Revealing the Truth of Mercury Amalgam Fillings with Dr. David DiGiallorenzo

Often referred to simply (and inaccurately) as “silver fillings,” mercury amalgam fillings are comprised of a combination of metals. The most prominent component of these dark, unsightly, and unpredictable fillings is mercury, an element that is toxic to humans. With all of the misleading information available to the public regarding mercury in fillings, it is important to find a source of relevant facts in order to become an informed consumer. At LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania in Williamsport, PA and Collegeville, PADr. David DiGiallorenzo and his associates focus on providing our patients with exceptional dentistry and overall wellness services without the use of toxic metal elements. We believe that our patients have a right to know exactly what is going into their mouths and into their bodies, and we hold to the fact that this extends to the materials present in mercury amalgam fillings.

Research and Statistics Surrounding Mercury in Amalgam Fillings

Along with the FDA, pro-mercury dental groups – including the American Dental Association and the World Dental Federation – have consistently and deliberately masked the presence of mercury in fillings by utilizing confusing terminology like “silver” and “amalgam.” In fact, recent polls show that approximately 57 percent of American adults are not even aware that their “silver” fillings contain harmful mercury. In addition, most patients who were treated with mercury amalgam fillings were not informed of the chemical elements that were included in their dental restorations.

Mercury amalgam fillings are being phased out for more than one reason. These metal restorations can cause teeth to fracture over time in response to changes in temperature, making them a “solution” that is more destructive than restorative.

Metal-Free Dentistry for Healthier Smiles

At LANAP & Implant Center of PennsylvaniaDr. DiGiallorenzo and his team offer metal-free dentistry for improved patient care, zero risk of mercury contamination, and vastly superior aesthetic value. Contact us today to learn more about dentistry without mercury amalgam fillings and to schedule your visit with us in Collegeville, PA or Williamsport, PA. Our cutting-edge dental practice warmly welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Sunbury, Pottstown, Lock Haven, Bloomberg, and more.