metal-free-dental-implants-bannerDid you spend Independence Day feeling miserable because you couldn’t relax and enjoy catching up with family and friends? Did your stomach growl at the mouth-watering aroma of grilled chicken and crunchy vegetables that you knew you couldn’t eat?

Do you want to avoid a repeat of this summer’s July 4th barbecue where your missing teeth or loose dentures had you feeling ashamed, stressed, or unsatisfied?

You can with a full-mouth reconstruction in Collegeville, PA! Dr. DiGiallorenzo and our team of specialists can prepare a customized treatment plan of restorative procedures and homeopathic solutions to replace your missing teeth and help you resume the quality of life you deserve!

Reconstruct Your Smile & Live More Fully!

Here are a few of the reconstructive treatments we often use at the LANAP & Implant Center to rehabilitate your oral health, rebuild your smile, and improve your life:

*LANAP Therapy*

We specialize in groundbreaking dentistry to restore even the most complicated cases of deteriorated dental health.

One of our modern techniques is our laser gum disease treatment, or LANAP, to regenerate healthy tissues in your mouth that have been infected by periodontal disease. This method doesn’t require any cutting or suturing, which makes the procedure more efficient and comfortable and your healing process faster and easier.

*Dental Crowns & Bridges*

For one or more missing teeth, we can craft dental crowns and bridges that look and function like real teeth for a complete, beautiful smile. A custom dental crown not only looks incredibly lifelike, but it caps an unhealthy or unattractive tooth to keep it safe and strong. It can also be used as part of a dental bridge to replace a tooth entirely, with the middle crown being your new tooth, and the two hollowed-out crowns bonded to each side of it covering your adjacent teeth to keep it in place.

We can also anchor crowns and bridges to dental implants!

*Dental Implants*

For maximum bite strength and longevity, we can attach your replacement tooth, or teeth, to dental implants. We know that biocompatibility is a critical factor in optimizing the success of your full-mouth reconstruction, especially for patients with sensitivities or concerns about metal implants.

We use implants made of zirconia, which are also more aesthetically beneficial than dark metal, but just as sturdy and durable to give you back nearly the same bite strength as natural teeth and preserve your jawbone for the rest of your life.


A dental bridge isn’t enough for a full arch of replacement teeth. For that, we provide overdentures that are secured with dental implants.

These can be attached to two or four implants, depending on your particular oral health, comfort, and lifestyle needs so that you don’t have to worry about slippery, unreliable dentures impeding your diet or self-confidence.

Schedule A Consultation!

Visit Dr. DiGiallorenzo for a consultation so you can begin the journey back to better oral and overall health.

We will provide expert, patient-focused care, including the most advanced dental solutions, sedation options, and an integrated treatment plan that blends the best in modern science and homeopathic services.

To schedule your appointment, call the LANAP & Implant Center at 610-228-4366 for our Collegeville, PA office or 570-505-6908 for our South Williamsport location, or feel free to fill out our convenient online form.