digiallorenzo bone grafts thumb collegevilleDid you ever think about how your oral health and overall health might be linked? With nutritional therapy solutions from our Collegeville, PA dentist’s office, we can help you give them both a big boost. You see, your diet impacts many aspects of your life including how well your body heals, your likelihood of developing cavities and infections, and even how long you can expect to live. Along those lines, today we are going to share some intriguing information about a new trend in holistic medicine called intermittent fasting. It fits right in with our own wellness approach .

Believe it or not, this practice can actually be beneficial for your smile, among other things. Keep reading to hear more about it, and then be sure to call us at 610-850-9206 to request your next appointment for homeopathic dentistry and more.

Fasting Is More Than A Spiritual Cleansing Ritual

In a recent blog post (for the Hippocrates Health Institute) entitled, “ The Fast Track: Intermittent Fasting ,”Julie M. Simon explores the pros and cons of this specially-curated form of fasting. She says that once a person gets past the initial tidal wave of unpleasant thoughts related to hunger pangs, light-headedness, restriction, and deprivation, there is actually something worthwhile waiting to be uncovered.

So, what is IF? Simon explains that it involves timing your meals in such a way that there will be extended periods of fasting that go beyond the time you’re asleep.

“This,” Simon says, “means eating, for example, between the hours of 11 am and 7 pm or noon and 8 pm, or any eight-hour period you prefer, allowing for approximately three food-free hours before bed. Most people who practice IF skip breakfast; others skip dinner. During your ‘feeding window,’ you might consume two large meals or two small meals plus snacks—whatever feels right for you.”

But why would anyone do that? Great question. The answer, it seems, is on account of the health benefits. Research suggests that timing your food intake in this fashion will optimize your health, weight, and longevity. Who wouldn’t want that?!

More Food For Thought

In our modern American society, most of us are too busy to even realize that our bodies are digesting and processing food for something like 16 hours every day. That is putting an unnecessary strain on your internal systems.

While we may be busy, what are we really doing? Most of us are engaged in activities that are far more sedentary in nature than the things our ancestors would have been involved with. Simon insists that this situation combined with our “constant food abundance” is a recipe for weight gain and obesity.

The evidence suggests that IF counteracts this fatty phenomenon by reducing cravings, which quickly translates into weight loss. As dentists, we concur wholeheartedly with Simon’s findings that, “less time eating means fewer hours with sticky, sweet foods on your teeth, which is always better for your teeth and gums.”

What’s more, IF helps promote insulin sensitivity which can help keep chronic diseases at bay.

And, get this: according to Simon’s article, IF has been shown to increase the rate of human growth hormone production, which SLOWS THE AGING PROCESS and has a crucial role in well-being and fitness.

IF can also help you retain information, like what you are reading right now since it enhances brain activity and preserves memory functioning and learning.

In conclusion, Simon reiterates that IF is an easy way of potentially lengthening your life. She says this is because IF makes your day less complex, which in turn reduces stress. Plus, IF has been shown to improve the beneficial bacteria in your gut, leading to better immune function.

At the end of the day, IF is an evidence-based lifestyle adjustment for taking control of your health and fitness. It is nothing to enter into lightly. You should definitely talk it over with your physician or dentist before embarking on such a transformational journey.

We realize that’s a lot to consider. If you are ready to continue the conversation about your oral health and overall health and wellness, we are here for you.

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