3 Steps To Better Gum Health [BLOG]

For Gum Disease Awareness Month, our team at the LANAP & Implant Center are here to lend you our support in your commitment to good oral health.

Here are three steps you can take today that will have you on the way to better gum health!

Step 1: Reduce Stress In Your Life!

You may not ever think much about how your daily stress, things that weigh on your heart and mind, can physically manifest themselves and threaten your health.

But the astonishing truth is that chronic stress is responsible for all kinds of systemic health problems!

The reason this is important to know is that stress impairs your body’s immune system, which leaves you more vulnerable to bad bacteria that lives in your mouth just waiting to destroy your gum health.

Learning to manage stress is just one of the things you can start doing every single day to protect the health of your smile.

Step 2: Focus On Nutrition!

Gum disease is a bacterial infection, plain and simple.

And you know how your body fights off infection.

That’s right! A strong immune system.

You can protect yourself from gum disease by giving your body the fuel it needs to allow your immune system to do what is what built for.

That means adding more citrus fruits, green vegetables, calcium, and protein into your daily diet. It may also require you to do an inventory of your kitchen pantry and throw out all the chips, cookies, and other highly-processed snacks that put your teeth and gums at risk.

Focus on getting more Vitamins C, B6, and E to boost your immunity!

Step 3: Live Tobacco-Free!

It’s no secret how addictive and destructive cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are and how seductive they are to younger and younger demographics. The sooner you’re ensnared in the nicotine trap, the longer the tobacco industry owns you, your wallet, and your health.

Tobacco users are significantly more at risk for gum disease, among a host of other deadly health conditions, than non-tobacco users.

To your teeth and gums specifically, chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes will slow your saliva production and scrape at your tooth enamel and create microscopic doorways for bacteria to enter.

Taking steps to end your addiction to tobacco is one of the best things you can do, but it’s also one of the most difficult.

That’s why you need to call us today so you can take advantage of our integrated appraoch to dental care. We have a Wellness Center that offers a wide variety of holistic treatments, including strategies for smoking cessation.

You Can Do This!

You may be thinking that these steps are too overwhelming and too challenging to take.

Maybe at first.

But you can set yourself up for success by breaking your goals down into smaller, more manageable changes each and everyday until you feel ready to move on to the next step.

You know that nothing worth having comes easy. That’s true for everything in life.

You often hear about the value of your ‘why.’ Why are you making these changes in your life? That’s usually a great place to start!

Look at the big picture and ask yourself what a healthy, beautiful smile is worth to you.

*Is your effort worth it if it means having better health overall?

*Is it worth the courage you’ll have to pursue your professional and personal goals?

*Is it worth feeling confident and comfortable enough to heal the intimacy in your relationship?

*Is it worth being around longer to enjoy life with your children and grandchildren?

When you’ve identified the reason you’re doing this, it will serve as your daily reminder and motivator to put forth the effort, energy, and dedication it takes to live a healthy, happy life.

We’re Here To Help!

Change is hard. There’s no doubt about it.

But change is made easier when you set small, achievable goals and you have a support system in place.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo and our expert team at the LANAP & Implant Center is that support system.

Restoring your gum health is our speciality, not only in the treatment stage using the latest in periodontal therapy technology, but during the tooth replacement process with our wide-ranging, cutting edge implantology.

We’ve dedicated not only our careers to becoming extensively trained and educated in dentistry innovation, but we all come to the table with a personal devotion to helping people just like you all across the country live healthier, happier lives.

Find out how we can help you through the journey back to better gum health. Call the LANAP & Implant Center today at 610-409-6064 for our Collegeville, PA office or 570-322-4741 for our Williamsport location. You can also fill out our convenient online form to set up an appointment.