3 Simple Cosmetic Solutions For Your Smile [BLOG]

The last couple of months of the year always inspire a spirit of giving within us. We’re more charitable with our time, energy, and money.

During the season of giving, the tendency to put others before yourself is understandable. But sometimes, it means you have to remind yourself that giving doesn’t have to mean removing yourself from the priority list altogether!

Our team at the LANAP & Implant Center wants you to consider taking time out for yourself this season! The beautiful smile you’ve always wanted can be achieved in our Collegeville and Williamsport locations.

Today, we’re sharing three simple cosmetic solutions for a more attractive, confident smile!

Give Your Smile More Balance With Gum Reshaping

Sometimes patients tell us that the reason they waited so long to seek cosmetic dental treatment is because they simply didn’t know that a solution for their smile flaw even existed. We tend to assume that certain imperfections are just part of the hand we’re dealt.

A gummy smile is one of those issues people mistakenly assume they just have to live with. They have excess gum tissue that steals the show when they smile and makes their teeth appear smaller or shorter than they might actually be.

But with gum reshaping at the LANAP & Implant Center, you can create visual balance between your teeth and gums. Dr. DiGiallorenzo is a highly-trained and talented dental professional. With cutting edge laser technology, he can gently remove extra tissue to raise your gumline, show more of your teeth, and give you a more balanced, attractive smile!

Repair Damage & Replace Old Dental Work With Crowns

If you have old dental work, like dark metal fillings, that are easy to spot, it can be a cause for embarrassment and unhappiness when you smile. Similarly, you might have a tooth that’s damaged enough to compromise its health, function, and strength.

Dental crowns are a great way to cover, or in some cases replace, a damaged tooth or old filling. That’s because they’re durable, lasting, and natural-looking. Even though dental crowns fall under restorative dentistry, they look so lifelike that they can often result in a cosmetic improvement for your smile. Unless you pointed out your dental crown, it’s unlikely that anyone would be able to tell the difference between it and your natural teeth!

Improve The Landscape Of Your Smile With Tooth Contouring

Over the years, your teeth can succumb to normal wear and tear. Day after day, all day long, your teeth are under constant stress. While they’re made to withstand it, they’re still capable of becoming worn down from all the chewing, tearing, and even grinding and clenching.

The result can be an unsightly smile because of teeth that are slightly misshapen or uneven.

A similar cosmetic issue is with the length of your teeth. You might have some teeth that are just naturally uneven because a few may be longer than others, and they can draw unwanted attention. This can make you feel embarrassed and insecure about showing your teeth when you smile or speak.  

Tooth contouring is a simple, effective solution! Dr. DiGiallorenzo can artfully reshape your teeth so that the landscape of your teeth is even and more aesthetically pleasing in overall appearance.

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Oftentimes, it’s tempting to put aside our needs and desires out of guilt. You try to convince yourself that making cosmetic improvements to your smile is a selfish pursuit.

Our team at the LANAP & Implant Center wants to encourage you to look at this a bit differently. You spend a lot of time and energy on other people. You put the needs of others ahead of your own. While this is certainly noble, it leaves out an essential truth, which is that you need to feel good about yourself so you can be your best for others.

You’re worthy of a beautiful smile, one that will help you look and feel attractive and confident. Boosting your self-esteem is a great way to give you courage to pursue your goals and dreams to live the life you want.

With cosmetic dental treatment in one of our Collegeville and Williamsport locations, we can help you do that. Find out which of our treatments is your smile solution this season!

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Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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