3 Reasons To Choose Dental Implants

Welcome back to the ongoing dental blog of the LANAP and Implant Center! Here in Collegeville and Williamsport, PA, we specialize on reliable, healthy tooth replacement options that will help you feel great about your smile. If you are currently living without teeth or have recently been informed about an impending extraction, we highly recommend considering dental implants as the tooth replacement option for you. It is a very versatile solution and can be used to replace teeth in a variety of situations.

Dental implants are designed to authentically replace your natural teeth. They are prosthetic tooth roots that are surgically inserted into your gums and allowed to heal to your jawbone. We then replace the visible portion of your tooth by loading it with a crown or denture. Our restorations are designed to look and feel natural in your mouth, meaning that you can go about your life feeling good about your smile.

Doesn’t this sound like a great solution? We believe it is! Let’s talk about the 3 main reasons why you should consider dental implants. If you still are not convinced that dental implants are right for you by the end of this blog, please give us a call — we would be happy to talk you through it.

#1: Dental implants will help you eat the foods you love.

If you are living without teeth or with removable dentures that move around on you, you understand how important it is for your replacement teeth to be strong and secure. When you suffer through life with ill-fitting dentures or without teeth altogether, you have to avoid foods that may be difficult to chew — like crunchy fruits and vegetables, juicy steaks, and more. With dental implants, these foods are no longer a problem!

When you choose dental implants, you will be able to eat anything you want again! Did you know that implants replace up to 100 percent of your natural chewing power? No more soft, tasteless food! You will be able to enjoy meals with ease once again.

#2: Dental implants will help you maintain great oral health.

Did you know that dental implants are super easy to clean (just brush and floss like normal) and also help maintain your jaw bone structure? This is not the case with removable dentures. If health is your priority, implants will help your mouth stay clean and healthy.

While most dental implants are made from titanium, we also offer metal-free options here at the LANAP and Implant Center! Because so many people are allergic to the metal, our metal-free options can be used to prevent complications. If you are interested in our holistic metal-free dental implant solutions, please talk to our team. We would be happy to tell you more!

#3: Dental implants will improve your self-confidence.

The simple fact is that dental implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth. This means that you will not ever have to feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or negative about your smile again! You will have beautiful, strong teeth that you can rely on to stay in place and function properly. When you choose dental implants, you are not only investing in the tools that will help you eat — you are also investing in the smile that will help you feel confident and proud about your smile once more! If you are ready to regain what you have lost and feel wonderful about your smile again, it is time to give us a call.

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You can eat the foods you love, maintain great oral health, and feel good about your smile with dental implants! You deserve a smile that you can be proud of — we can’t wait to hear from you!