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Smile Makeovers by Expert Cosmetic Dentists in Collegeville

If you’re not happy with your smile, let us help you do something about it! Our Collegeville dentists can transform your look with a smile makeover. After your smile makeover, you’ll:

  • Feel more confident about your smile
  • Enjoy a younger, more attractive appearance
  • No longer hesitate to reveal your smile in social or professional settings

Call the LANAP and Implant Center at 610-409-6064 today to schedule the first step in a makeover, a smile consultation with one of our specialists.

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Get a Smile You Love With a Total Makeover

With advanced training in cosmetic and restorative dental techniques, our team will give you a great-looking smile and enhance your confidence. You’ll get a new look in four steps:

  • Schedule Your Consultation – Call our Collegeville, PA dentist office so a member of our team can find a time that’s convenient for you.
  • Visit Us for an Exam and Imaging – One of our specialists will thoroughly examine you with a visual inspection, periodontal evaluation, X-rays, and more.
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Nonsurgical Gum Disease Treatment

  • Create Your Treatment Plan – After discussing your smile goals with you, we’ll design a custom treatment plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget.
  • Receive Treatment – Whether your makeover includes a single treatment or several procedures, we’ll complete them on a schedule that makes the most of your time and money. Thanks to our use of the latest technologies and treatment techniques, your procedures will be as fast and comfortable as possible.

Smiles Makeover Techniques and Options

If you have missing teeth or teeth marred by cracks, breaks, or decay, we can use dental restorations such as dental crowns and fixed bridges – with or without dental implants – to restore your smile’s appearance and full function. If your smile has suffered because of receding gums, we can perform a gum graft to make your gums not only attractive but healthy again.

In addition, we can use our low-power laser for:

Gum Reshaping for Gummy Smiles

A gummy smile is one of those issues people mistakenly assume they just have to live with. They have excess gum tissue that steals the show when they smile and makes their teeth appear smaller or shorter than they might actually be.

But with gum reshaping at the LANAP & Implant Center, you can create visual balance between your teeth and gums. Dr. DiGiallorenzo is a highly-trained and talented dental professional. With cutting edge laser technology, he can gently remove extra tissue to raise your gum line, show more of your teeth, and give you a more balanced, attractive smile!

Teeth Contouring

A similar cosmetic issue is with the length of your teeth. You might have some teeth that are just naturally uneven because a few may be longer than others, and they can draw unwanted attention. This can make you feel embarrassed and insecure about showing your teeth when you smile or speak.

Teeth contouring is a simple, effective solution! Dr. DiGiallorenzo can artfully reshape your teeth so that the landscape of your teeth is even and more aesthetically pleasing in overall appearance.

If you think you’d like a smile makeover, call 610-409-6064 today for an appointment.

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