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Treat Your Body to Homeopathic Care in South Williamsport

Have you had the chance to experience alternative medicine treatments? Dr. David DiGiallorenzo and the team at the LANAP and Implant Center believe in the power of holistic care to enhance and encourage your body’s natural healing process. This treatment has improved the lives of hundreds of our patients.

Homeopathic care at our office can help you:

  • Put an end to pain so you feel better
  • Be healthier overall and enjoy a better quality of life
  • Feel more confident knowing that your health is steadily improving
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Homeopathic Care

Visit our South Williamsport dental practice to learn more about our holistic approach to better body health. Call 570-322-4741 today to schedule an appointment. We’re located at 2685 Euclid Ave. – across the street from Turkey Hill Minit Market.

Learn More About Homeopathic Treatment

The word “homeopathic” originates from the idea that same cures same. Homeopathic medicine views the symptoms of disease as the body’s natural disease-fighting system, rather than seeing them as something to be fought or eliminated.

There are key differences between traditional medicine and homeopathic therapy. The underlying thought with traditional medicine is that you are healthy when you are not experiencing disease.

Homeopathic practitioners view patient care differently, however. Rather than seeing a non-sick person as a well person, homeopathic treatment takes the approach that a healthy person should feel good mentally, physically, and emotionally. We will meet you where you are and improve your everyday quality of life.

Your Care Is Designed Just For You

Following the philosophy that the body is capable of healing itself when encouraged, homeopathic care helps your body respond naturally to illness.

This approach treats each individual differently because remedies that bring out disease-fighting symptoms in one person may not work for someone else.

Your individual response depends on your specific situation and the traits of your symptoms. We will study your symptoms closely to come up with the right treatment for you.


When you seek periodontal or dental implant treatment from us, Dr. David DiGiallorenzo and our team will make sure you have access to a complete homeopathic treatment plan. As part of our unique approach to wellness, we offer other holistic care options you may want to learn more about.

To discuss how homeopathic care can improve your well-being, call 570-322-4741.

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