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Would you like to hear what real patients have to say about working with Dr. DiGiallorenzo, Dr. Hsu, and the team at the LANAP and Implant Center? Below you will find video patient testimonials from patients who have experienced the high-quality, comfortable care we offer. If you are ready to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile too, please contact our team to schedule an appointment. You can reach our Collegeville office at 610-228-4366 and our South Williamsport office at 570-505-6908. You can also send us a message using our online contact form. Either way, we will be happy to help you find a suitable date and time for your appointment. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Dr. DiGiallorenzo,
I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience and care that you gave me.
My smile is from ear to ear. The teeth look amazing.
Sandy and Anne are wonderful caring people. You yourself are a amazing doctor and caring person. I could not have asked for better results.

- Anne G.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo is at the peak of his profession. He makes essential dental work as close to comfortable as possible. And he delivers wonderful results. His effort starts with a top notch staff, bright and efficient. They help with convenient payment and appointment plans, and follow through with attentive post-op and outstanding hygienist care. His own skill at the chair is almost a pleasure to watch, particularly since he packs as much work into an hour as some dentists do in three visits. His technique with local anesthesia makes it all close to painless. Over nearly a decade, Dr. DiGiallorenzo has provided me with multiple implants. Not one has ever given a problem, and they all feel as natural as my own teeth.

- Charles G.
Eagles Mere, PA

Thank you Dr. D. For the wonderful experience I had at my appointment on September 9. The four months flew by so fast. With all the work that was done(extractions, bone grafting and implants) I never thought this day would come. The snap in dentures look and feel great. I couldn’t wait to eat my veggies again. I had fresh cucumbers and carrots and I handled them very well. I couldn’t eat them before. I can’t wait for the corn on cob and steak. I was very nervous when I walked in on Monday. You and your team probably noticed that. Ann put me at ease in a couple of minutes when we started talking about families. You were very concerned about me and answered all my questions.

And the foot bath and foot message, “ooh my goodness!!!!!!!” It made me even more relaxed while you were working on me. I am so glad I researched on the computer for the best implant dentist. I think your practice and spa is the best in the world. I am so glad I chose you and your team. I would recommend you to everyone.

Thanks Dr D….

- Pat

I consulted with Dr. DiGiallorenzo because I desperately needed implants and dental restoration. When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by the staff and then Dr. DiGiallorenzo himself. It was hard for me to maintain my composure during the visit because I was so upset with what had happened to me. Dr. DiGiallorenzo was very warm and compassionate and he put forth a plan to begin my restoration.

I had to have bilateral sinus lift surgery which was necessary because of the bone loss I had suffered. I experienced no pain whatsoever during the procedure. I was actually allowed to return to work the next day and my recovery went exceptionally well. Dr. DiGiallorenzo himself actually called me the day after the procedure to make sure I was feeling well.

Most recently I have had three implants placed. Again, I experienced absolutely no pain during the procedure. I felt as if I didn’t even have anything done. It was so amazing. I had no pain, no swelling – ever.

I found Dr. DiGiallorenzo on an internet search and the more I read on his website, the more I felt like he was the person I should see. After I had the consult with him, I knew he was the person I should put my trust in.

I drove over two hours to meet Dr. DiGiallorenzo and I would drive six or more if I had to. I could have had this dental restoration where I work and it would be in-network. But, again, after meeting Dr. DiGiallorenzo and going over his treatment plan and his approach with integrative dentistry, there was only one choice and it was him.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Every aspect of his office, the staff, the treatment, etc. is exceptional. I have never been treated so well in any health care facility in my life. My experience has far exceeded my expectations. I still am in disbelief at how painless and flawless everything has been. I highly recommend Dr. DiGiallorenzo. You could not make a better decision.

- Kim Henry

Many thanks to you and your team of angels for the great experience I had in your office on Wednesday. From start to finish I felt cared for and safe and calm in your care. Though the procedure was four hours long, I felt no pain during or after the procedure! This is a welcome change for me, because I have had scary experiences in the dental chair before meeting you. I would happily recommend you and your team to everyone I know who needs periodontal care.

- B . Bowen
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. D,
Thank you for putting me at ease on Monday during my surgery. You and your staff were exceptional. I knew I had a lot of work to be done. I thought it was a piece of cake. since I don’t remember anything. I had no pain. I’ would recommend you to everybody.

- P. Nardi
Northeast Philadelphia

Thank you so very much for what you did for me. I realize now how much more work was involved than originally thought necessary, and you should know how grateful I am for your generosity and skill in making me whole again. Trying to tell you in person might cause me to cry too much and not be able to make my point. There is quite bit of healing left to do, but you and your staff almost make it as pleasant as a day at spa…(lol) It is very reassuring to know you are there for me… YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

- Lucia V.
Oreland, PA

Last year I had pain for months and nobody was able to help me. I went to dentists, oral surgeons, neurologists, ENTs and nobody was able to correctly diagnosis until I did a CT scan. My teeth: 12&13 were infected and hopeless. I had to extract both of them and do a bone graft in preparation for dental implants. I absolutely did not want to use titanium because I was concerned for long term health problems caused by metal in my body. I am in Raleigh, NC and to my surprise I couldn’t find a doctor in Raleigh that uses zirconium implants. After reading an internet blog about the benefits of zirconium implants, I found Dr. D – David DiGiallorenzo in Collegeville, PA. Several years ago, he became the first dentist in the US to use metal free implants. The reviews and testimonial about the doctor were absolutely great. I sent Dr D my CT scan and he offered his help right away. He even reduced the price of the procedure by my travel expenses. I consider myself to be very lucky that I found this wonderful doctor and his outstanding team. I just returned back from PA yesterday where I did my implants on 12 & 13 and I feel wonderful. I compare my experience with Dr D and his staff with a trip to Disney World. It was a very pleasant and almost magical experience from the moment I stepped into his office. I felt like I already knew Office Manager Jessie Shaw who helped me during the previous weeks with my questions and concerns about the procedure and with insurance paperwork. To be honest, she is one of the reasons I selected Dr D.

After meeting the staff, I was invited to a room where I got a very nice back, neck and shoulders massage. That and the valium completely relaxed me. By the time I got to the dental chair I was ready to sleep, and I did. I don’t remember anything about the procedure except that there was no pain whatsoever!!! It is hard to believe that I was just on local anesthesia; I did not feel a thing. Is it wonderful?!

Dr D did a great job with the implants, of course. He completely lived up to his promises and to his great reputation. I am very thankful for all the help I received from Dr D and his team.

He took the impressions for crowns that I will do with him in 120 days. He called me this morning to check on me and to make sure I understood the post op instructions. Thank you Dr D and staff. You are simply the BEST!!!

- Marina A.
Raleigh, NC

From the moment I entered Dr. D’s Dental Office in Collegeville, I felt I entered a luxurious spa. The sights, sounds and aromas were so relaxing. I was a little apprehensive about the procedure but the entire staff made me feel as though this was going to be so easy and relaxing. The aromatherapy oils and the acupressure massage was exactly what I needed to take the edge off. The procedure itself was done so efficiently and painless because of Dr. D’s expertise and knowledge. I feel that the synergy the staff has played a very important role. Dr. D’s knowledge and the attention to caring for the whole body was very impressive. This overall health awareness aids in the healing process, which for me was extremely important. I thank God for people like Dr. D, he is a compassionate human being that cares for you. I commend him and his staff for the job that they do.

- Filomena L.
Holbrook, NY

Superb –- this has to be the future of dentistry and oral surgery! Everything is done with up-to-date technologies and staff techniques to convert what is normally a difficult surgical procedure with risks into a minor inconvenience. I went here because he is the only seriously recommended practitioner of laser periodontics in the area, but found that in addition the whole practice is geared to making procedures as close to enjoyable as something like this can be. It works. Everything was accomplished in two hours that went by like 45 minutes, and after a few hours I could hardly tell anything had been done except for diet restrictions for several days. Mind you, this is $6K+ and they don’t take dental insurance. Yet, conventional surgery, largely unchanged from what grandfather used to have, isn’t exactly cheap, either. I love my conventional dentist and will continue to see him for the usual stuff, but wish he would take advantage of improved technologies, such as the Wand, as does Dr. DiGiallorenzo.

- Lawrence M.

To all that have Periodontal problems and other Teeth and mouth problems, want them TREATED AND CORRECTED, please make some History for yourself while you still walk this EARTH,,, visit, DR. DiGiallorenzo and his staff -THEY SURPASS ALL OTHERS – I’ve been to three in the past who do not possess the Technology, Thoughtfulness or Professionalism required, am very, very, impressed on all levels of care and treatment I am looking forward for my next visit to the “Dentist”,Dr.D. Thanks, doc and staff for giving me hope….

- Daniel T.
Exton, PA

Recently I had to visit Dr Dave’s office for a variety of serious dental issues which were causing extreme pain and TMJ disturbances. Dr Dave got me in to see him rather quickly putting me into his emergency schedule even though he was in fact booked for the day.

I had multiple problems with my teeth that day. The first was a front tooth that was fractured and was causing extreme pain. The second was a bridge encapsulating my implants that had loosened significantly because of my bruxism syndrome which was destroying my bite.

First Dr Dave excised my tooth expertly and I expected sutures on completion of the incision. He explained to me he would use a laser to heal up the wound. Next in about an hour duration he had taken out my entire bridge, cleansed the crowns and realigned it properly. When I got home I noticed something significant. When the anesthetic wore off I had no pain. I didn’t need to take motrin etc to mediate the pain. When I went to rinse later there was no blood in my gums .I had already started healing within 1-2 hours. When my wife asked me if I wanted applesauce or some soft food for dinner I told her I think I can eat regular food and I did carefully. The next morning when I woke up was the litmus test- no pain, no bleeding and no swelling. There aren’t too many dentists that could have mediated pain and enacted clinical therapy so well. This is state of the art dentistry practiced by Dr Dave.

- Mike S.
Blue Bell, PA

I recently underwent a total mouth restoration done by Dr D & his highly trained staff. The experience was truly amazing, the time involved incredible. I received individual attention From a wide variety of people, Chrissy & Buffy were wonderful, they helped with coordinating appointments, even assisting me with places to stay during my time in Pa. Lauren, Dr. D’s, assistant was amazing. She spent numerous hours assisting him, explaining procedures, and truly making me feel relaxed and comfortable.

Dr D’s wonderful therapists, Crystal & Tracy gave me massages daily with amazing cold stone therapy treatments which helped tremendously in alleviating discomfort or swelling (which was minimal) I have to mention the lab that worked many long hours in fabricating the implants who paid such attention to detail. Thank you Todd & all your staff. And lastly Dr D. He handled my case in the most professional, efficient and pain free manner, he is a perfectionist and treats his patients with the most wonderful manner.

I felt that he and his staff gave me undivided and specialized attention during my week-long stay. I have never experienced anything like this, I felt like family by the time my procedure was finished. Most importantly they asked and welcomed any input from me so I would be pleased and satisfied with all levels of my care. The final result was beyond what I expected. My deepest thanks to everyone.

- Ann C.

I have recently undergone Dr. D’s LANAP surgical procedure for an advanced case of gum disease. I had no idea that I had any issues until my dentist recommended that I see a Periodontist. I had set-up an appointment with 2 different specialists, one being Dr. D.

Before the procedure and after my first consult which happened to be Dr. D, I was treated so warmly by their staff that I forwent my 2nd consult/appoint with the other specialist and was so glad I did! My results were phenomenal. There was absolutely no cutting, sutures, pain or residual affects after my surgery. They understood my financial distress as well and have a solution for everything that was workable for me and my family.

I was terrified and now am totally comfortable. I will be maintaining my gums with visits to Dr. D twice a year and my regular dentist/cleanings twice a year and have absolutely no reservations. THANK YOU Dr. D/Staff!!!

- Lori B.
Royersford, PA

Several years ago I went to Dr. D because of the start of gum problems. I could not tell I had a problem. My former dentist retired and when I went to a new dentist, he told me I needed to go to a specialist. He referred me to two dentists; I picked Dr. D.

It seems like a funny thing to say, however, it was a great experience for me. The reason for this is because Dr. D made me feel so comfortable. I had an issue and he fixed it for me. After my treatments, he suggested that in the future I get 4 cleanings a year, 2x with my regular dentist and 2x with Dr. D. I now go to the dentist 4x a year! Trina P.S. I am so glad I live with 30 minutes of both of my dentists!

- Ann C.
Taunton, MA

What first attracted me to Doctor DiGiallorenzo and his office was after watching him present his unique approach to painless periodontal treatment on the Wellness TV station. Coincidentally, this was just after being told by my former dentist that I had periodontal disease and would need oral surgery. Doctor DiGiallorenzo’s approach to periodontal disease is in the utilizing of a specialized laser (LANAP) procedure rather than the conventional surgical procedure of peeling back the gum and manually scraping the affected area, stitching the gums, which I have heard is extremely painful. I had the LANAP procedure and it was very successful.

Doctor DiGiallorenzo and his dental staff have provided me with the finest and most professional dental care I have ever received. From the movement I arrived at his office I felt more like a family member than a patient. His staff was more than courteous, and had always made me feel at ease. The office is immaculate and you can feel the love and dedication that goes into his practice.

I cannot say enough about Doctor DiGiallorenzo as a person and as a Dentist, he is very compassionate and listens to the needs of his patients.

The work I received on my teeth has been of the highest quality, his dental ability goes without saying. If I had to rate him as dentist on a scale from one to ten I would give him an eleven.

I am very grateful that I found this amazing wonderful dentist on television and do not mind driving an hour and half to be his patient. I would recommend him without any hesitation.

- Sheila W.
Warrington, PA

After spending a significant amount of money and time over the past 60 years in OTHER dentists offices for a wide variety of services and procedures to retain my natural teeth, heredity finally triumphed. So I can say with some authority that my entire experience with with Dr. DiGiallorenzo and his wonderful staff has been the best dental experience I have ever had, BY FAR!

I live near Asheville, North Carolina, 600 miles from Collegeville. Asheville which has some wonderful dentists, but I wanted to be sure I was choosing the best implant dentist to replace my remaining lower teeth and partial denture. So I did a Google search and found Dr. D! Not only is he COMPLETELY HOLISTIC in his approach to his patients’ well-being, but he is one of perhaps a dozen implant dentists in the United States to offer the latest nonmetallic implant material. This meant I was dealing with a dentist who truly cares about his patient’s health AND I had access to one of the very few dentists in the country who IS so state-of-the-art that he could offer me an unbiased and informed choice.

Furthermore, his fees are comparable to, and in many cases lower than, less knowledgeable alternatives.

I love everything about my experience with Dr. D! The Dr. and his entire staff are a unique blend of entirely professional and delightful, caring human beings. The wonderfully fresh-smelling air, the soothing pale lavender walls, the vitamin-charged protein drink, and my choice of piped in music… plus the non-stop foot and hand massage throughout the procedure by an experienced reflexologist… made me feel like I was spending a few hours at a deluxe spa.

The procedure itself was completely painless. Best of all, I left Dr. D’s office smiling with a lower set of teeth which had been created by their skilled lab while the procedure was taking place. My new lower teeth EXACTLY matched in both color and bite my upper teeth. I also left with complete instructions and materials for my followup care. My healing has been remarkably uneventful and fast. My friends and family can scarcely believe their ears when I tell them that this was not only the best dental experience ever AND it was downright SENSUOUS. And between the music, the attentive staff, the aromatherapy and the non-stop reflexology massage, it was definitely that! A couple of them said “dentist’ and ‘sensuous’ are two words they’d never heard in the same sentence!

I unconditionally recommend Dr. DiGiallorenzo to anyone for implant dentistry, or his other services… regardless of where you live. He is a true ‘dentist’s dentist’ and a great human being as well. Thank you, Google, for bringing us together!

- Jacqueline C.
Bakersville, NC

I just had the best dental experience of my life – no exaggeration. I broke a front tooth and needed my first dental implant ever. I had an important business meeting scheduled two weeks out and was panicking over the thought of having to face a key client with a major gap in my smile. Then I met Dr. DiGiallorenzo and his staff. From the minute I walked in the door for a consultation until the minute I left with my new implant, I received incredible care from everyone in the office. Dr. DiGiallorenzo is a most gentle, caring and competent dentist. Not only does he practice state of the art implantology, but he takes a seriously holistic view of his patients. Even before I received the local anesthetic, a massage therapist gave me a thorough face and head massage. Then Dr. D. administered novocaine in such a slow, gentle way that I felt absolutely nothing. Throughout the entire procedure, the massage therapist gave me a continuous foot and lower leg massage. By the time the actual procedure started, I was completely relaxed.

Dr. D. talked me through the entire procedure. His own calm demeanor helped to keep my anxiety under control. Oh, and did I mention that the dental chair had air bladders that continuously massaged my back? And the nice music playing in the background? And the aromatherapy? And the assistants who were competent and fun and even laughed at my stupid jokes?

This is something that you just don’t find very often – a medical practitioner who really gets it – and whose practice genuinely reflects his belief in the value of treating the entire patient. As much as I hope to never need another dental implant, I would not consider going elsewhere. And I recommend Dr. DiGiallorenzo with great confidence and enthusiasm to anyone needing these services.

- Dean B.
Schwenkesville, PA

I have been a patient of Dr. DiGiallorenzo since 2002 when I was first introduced to implants. I had a major problem with two of my front teeth. My general practice dentist did what he could for me but it got to a point that nothing was working for me. My two front left teeth would not stay “in”. I had little choice but to look into implants. Dr. D. was suggested to me and I visited him to see what could be done. I was impressed right off by not only his “bedside manners” as a doctor but his whole staff. The professionalism and kindness was way more then I had expected. From the first day I walked into his office I was treated as ‘family’. This was the same relationship I have had with my general practice dentist for over 30 years and to find the same at Dr. D. office was a great relief.

Dr. D. took the time that was needed to explain every detail of what could be done to improve my situation. I had options and all of them were explained to me until I felt comfortable in making the decision I made. I had two implants done then and to my amazement with no pain to speak of.

Fast forward 8 years and I found myself in a very bad situation with both my upper and lower teeth. To explain all the problems I had would take two chapters the size of ‘Gone with the wind’. Rather than put anyone though that ordeal let me just say “I turned to Dr. D. for help”

I had an emergency but my GPD was out of town at the time. I called Dr. D. office and he handled it like it was just another day.

Thank God, because the pain I was in was not nice. I took this time to ask Dr. D. to evaluate my mouth to see if something could be done to get back to being able to eat the food I wanted to eat. (Apples, Steaks and Carmel candy) It took another visit but within a few weeks Dr. D had laid out steps that we could take to accomplish what I wanted.

Because it was going to be a lot more intensive surgery I was worried about the pain that would be involved and I was assured by Dr. D the level of pain would be next to nothing. I’m here to tell you it was next to nothing. We had to do a total of 11 implants (7 lower and 4 upper) in steps. Mainly because I was not ready financially. Again Dr. D stepped up and treated it like it was family and we worked out the numbers so I was comfortable. Both in my mouth and in my wallet.

Thanks to Dr. D and his staff I now enjoy eating the food I want to eat. And just as a side note I can smile and show my teeth that I haven’t in many a year.

- Claude P.
Wayne, PA

I had 4 teeth extracted in the fall of 2009. The dental professionals I consulted with had recommended the titanium implants when I decided to go with implants. Since I am in my 30s, knowing that titanium implants is highly biocompatible with great durability, but not sure with the possible long term effects of metals I really wanted something that is more natural and holistic. I was elated when I learned that Zirconia implants that had been available in Europe and Asia for quite some time were finally approved by FDA a couple years ago. I first came across Dr. DiGiallorenzo’s website during my research.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo’s office deals with lots of out of town patients, but since we live in the Chicago area with 3 young children, I was not planning on taking a trip out of town. I contacted the company Z-Systems that makes Zirconia implants for a list of doctors providing them, only one dentist was available in the Chicago area. After the consultation I knew I wanted a dental implant specialist to perform my procedure. I asked Z-Systems for the doctors who had the most experience with zirconia implants, and Dr. David DiGiallorenzo’s name came right on top of the list as the first one in the US.

I emailed Dr. D and was surprised when he replied an hour later and I got a call to speak to him directly. After contacting and seeing various dental professionals, it was so refreshing to see to a doctor who takes time to answer my questions and concerns without requesting a consultation with required paid checkup and x-rays first. After several emails addressing my concerns, Dr. D looked at my x-rays and CT-Scans that I had taken at other dentists’ offices, he provided me a treatment plan with the cost that is comparable to the cost from local dentists and told me that I did not need the sinus lift procedure the other surgeon had requested for.

I knew then I had found the right place for getting my metal free implants. We took the trip to Collegeville a couple weeks later at end of March 2010, Dr. D’s staff picked me up at the hotel in the morning.

Having been to many dental professionals’ offices prior, I was blown away by the warm welcoming and the attentiveness of Dr. D and his staff. I was given the option of local or general anesthesia and I am so glad that I opted for the local with Novocain. I was alert and there were relaxing tranquil music, and most surprisingly, a massage therapist was with me the whole time providing me massages and reflexology to help ease any tensions.

Dr. D was very gentle and repeatedly checked to see I was doing OK, he also pointed out the steps as the procedure progressed. There were hardly any discomfort nor bloody scene like I had read about in other people’s experiences. I was so relaxed throughout the procedure and before I knew it, all four implants were in and I was ready to go.

When my husband came he was surprised that I did not look like I just had a surgical procedure! We were driving to Atlantic City that afternoon and my husband thought he would have to lay me down on the hotel bed once we got there but instead we took the kids on the board walk for a couple of hours and had a nice dinner (fluid diet for me).

Dr. D gave me a call the second day morning to check on me as well. I had expected to stay in the hotel recovering but I only needed the pain relief for the first 24 hours, and there were very minimum bleeding and swellings. I enjoyed the rest of the trip with my family at the Jersey shores.

It’s been 2 months since I came home with my implants, and the recovery was a breeze. I had a regular check up at my dentist’s office last week and showed off my metal free implants – the office also has an oral surgeon on staff and they do lots of titanium implants.

My dentist took a full set of x-rays and thought my implants and the integration are doing really good, and he commented that Dr. D did a great job. I will be getting my crowns in a few months! Thank you Dr.D and your wonderful staff for the dental experience like no other.

- Allyssa C.
Chicago, IL

Many thanks to you and your team of angels for the great experience I had in your office on Wednesday. From start to finish I felt cared for and safe and calm in your care. Though the procedure was four hours long, I felt no pain during or after the procedure! This is a welcome change for me, because I have had scary experiences in the dental chair before meeting you. I would happily recommend you and your team to everyone I know who needs periodontal care.

- Betsy B.
Wilmington, DE

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