Allyssa C.

 I had 4 teeth extracted in the fall of 2009. The dental professionals I consulted with had recommended the titanium implants when I decided to go with implants. Since I am in my 30s, knowing that titanium implants is highly biocompatible with great durability, but not sure with the possible long term effects of metals I really wanted something that is more natural and holistic. I was elated when I learned that Zirconia implants that had been available in Europe and Asia for quite some time were finally approved by FDA a couple years ago. I first came across Dr. DiGiallorenzo’s website during my research.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo’s office deals with lots of out of town patients, but since we live in the Chicago area with 3 young children, I was not planning on taking a trip out of town. I contacted the company Z-Systems that makes Zirconia implants for a list of doctors providing them, only one dentist was available in the Chicago area. After the consultation I knew I wanted a dental implant specialist to perform my procedure. I asked Z-Systems for the doctors who had the most experience with zirconia implants, and Dr. David DiGiallorenzo’s name came right on top of the list as the first one in the US.

I emailed Dr. D and was surprised when he replied an hour later and I got a call to speak to him directly. After contacting and seeing various dental professionals, it was so refreshing to see to a doctor who takes time to answer my questions and concerns without requesting a consultation with required paid checkup and x-rays first. After several emails addressing my concerns, Dr. D looked at my x-rays and CT-Scans that I had taken at other dentists’ offices, he provided me a treatment plan with the cost that is comparable to the cost from local dentists and told me that I did not need the sinus lift procedure the other surgeon had requested for.

I knew then I had found the right place for getting my metal free implants. We took the trip to Collegeville a couple weeks later at end of March 2010, Dr. D’s staff picked me up at the hotel in the morning.

Having been to many dental professionals’ offices prior, I was blown away by the warm welcoming and the attentiveness of Dr. D and his staff. I was given the option of local or general anesthesia and I am so glad that I opted for the local with Novocain. I was alert and there were relaxing tranquil music, and most surprisingly, a massage therapist was with me the whole time providing me massages and reflexology to help ease any tensions.

Dr. D was very gentle and repeatedly checked to see I was doing OK, he also pointed out the steps as the procedure progressed. There were hardly any discomfort nor bloody scene like I had read about in other people’s experiences. I was so relaxed throughout the procedure and before I knew it, all four implants were in and I was ready to go.

When my husband came he was surprised that I did not look like I just had a surgical procedure! We were driving to Atlantic City that afternoon and my husband thought he would have to lay me down on the hotel bed once we got there but instead we took the kids on the board walk for a couple of hours and had a nice dinner (fluid diet for me).

Dr. D gave me a call the second day morning to check on me as well. I had expected to stay in the hotel recovering but I only needed the pain relief for the first 24 hours, and there were very minimum bleeding and swellings. I enjoyed the rest of the trip with my family at the Jersey shores.

It’s been 2 months since I came home with my implants, and the recovery was a breeze. I had a regular check up at my dentist’s office last week and showed off my metal free implants – the office also has an oral surgeon on staff and they do lots of titanium implants.

My dentist took a full set of x-rays and thought my implants and the integration are doing really good, and he commented that Dr. D did a great job. I will be getting my crowns in a few months! Thank you Dr.D and your wonderful staff for the dental experience like no other.