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Effective Sleep Apnea and Snoring Therapy Options

Snoring. Feeling exhausted. Keeping your partner awake at night. Losing focus at work. About 90 million Americans experience some form of snoring or sleep apnea, according to the National Sleep Foundation. While snoring can be annoying, it is relatively harmless as long as it’s just snoring. Often, snoring is a sign of sleep apnea, which can be a deadly condition.

What is Sleep Apnea? – Sleep apnea, by definition, is the failure to achieve oronasal airflow for at least 10 seconds at a time while sleeping. These brief interruptions in your breathing can occur five to 10 times per hour in people who have sleep apnea.

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If you think you or your spouse may be suffering from sleep apnea, please get in touch with the team at the LANAP and Implant Center right away. You can reach our Collegeville office at 610-228-4366 and our Williamsport office at 570-505-6908. You can also send us a message using our online contact form. We will be happy to help you find the right sleep apnea solution for you!

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