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Did you know that your diet can actually determine how well your body can heal? Your chances of developing decay and infections? The longevity of your life? Nutritional therapy is one more piece of our holistic care puzzle, and it is based on the idea that food can actually help heal the body. Just as with homeopathic medicine, nutritional therapy is based on the idea that the body is actually very good at healing itself when given the right tools.

Your doctor will work with you one-on-one as your dedicated functional medicine specialist. Depending on your diagnosis, he or she will customize an approach that is based on your medical history and your unique needs. You can learn more about our doctors by reading their short biographies. The treatment plan we customize for you may include dietary changes such:

Smoking Cessation

Have you always wished you could quit smoking but found it impossible? Now you have a reason and access to the help you need.

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your oral health. It can contribute to gum disease and oral cancer. It can also contribute to the failure of your dental implants. If you are going to receive treatment from the team at the LANAP and Implant Center, we highly recommend that you quit smoking. We even provide smoking cessation services to help you quit.

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Do you have a question about our nutritional counseling or holistic approach to dentistry? We will be happy to answer your questions. Feel free to contact our team.

We can also help you schedule an appointment. You can at 610-228-4366 for Nutritional Therapy Collegeville, PA area dental office and at 570-505-6908 for Nutritional Therapy Williamsport, PA area dental office. You can also send us a message using our online contact form. Either way, we will be happy to assist you in finding a suitable date and time for your visit.

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