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Metal-Free Dental Implants Can Be a Better Solution for Some Patients

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Metal-free Dental Implants Benefit Patients in Several Ways

Do you get tired of looking for holistic options in standard dentist offices? Patients seeking metal-free and biocompatible options are often out of luck, but our dentist offer the solutions you have been looking for, like metal-free dental implants. Check out the benefits of metal-free dental implants, and then give us a call to see if you are a candidate for this revolutionary dental treatment option.

Because of the increase in interest in holistic dentistry and metal-free treatments, zirconia dental implants are gaining in popularity. For patients who suffer from sensitivity to titanium, metal-free dental implants may offer an alternative.

In addition to offering the latest in dental implant technology and materials, Dr. DiGiallorenzo incorporates the proven use of stem cells in his implantology practice. By coating the implant itself in natural stem cells, he encourages faster and more efficient healing of the bone and soft tissues of the jaw. Our patients love that their recovery time is shortened considerably, and that the holistic nature of the procedure means that they’re treating their bodies as well as they are treating their teeth and gums.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo’s Vast Experience Gives You Great Results

Dr. DiGiallorenzo, with dental office in Collegeville and Williamsport near Philadelphia, PA, is the most experienced metal-free implant dentist in the United States. In 2009, Z-Systems, a Swiss biotechnology company, selected the office of Collegeville, PA periodontist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo to be the first office in the United States to begin evaluation, dissemination, and usage of the Z-Look zirconia dental implant, a metal-free dental implant.

Over the last three years, Dr. DiGiallorenzo has developed and utilized two generations of implant designs with a third coming. He traveled to Switzerland in summer of 2012 to view an even better design for the U.S. market. Dealing with zirconium requires an extremely experienced specialist to achieve success. Dr. DiGiallorenzo has more experience and understanding than anyone in the United States on how to achieve success with zirconium and when it’s best to use these metal-free dental implants.

We integrate organic bio active modifiers (PRGF), material testing sensitivities (Melissa test, Clifford testing, and bio feedback), nutrition, reflexology, massage, meridian balancing, and metal detoxification protocols using both infrared sauna and IV glutathione as well as Ester-C vitamin in our holistic wellness approach.

Make the Metal-free Decision Today!

Metal-free dental implants are not right for every patient, so be sure to call our office to see if you are a candidate for this amazing new technique. You can call 610-228-4366 for Metal-free dental implants Collegeville, PA area and 570-505-6908 for Metal-free dental implants Williamsport, PA area. You can also send us a message using our online contact form.

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