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Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

Are you tired of living with slippery dentures, uncomfortable partials, or gaps in your smile? Patients who are missing teeth often want one thing: to be able to chew comfortably. Dr. David DiGiallorenzo offers several different types of dental implants at his Collegeville, PA dental office and South Williamsport, PA dental office that will solve your discomfort, including zirconia dental implants, immediate tooth replacement options, and implant-supported dentures. Our team at the LANAP and Implant Center offers metal-free dental implants as part of our commitment to biologically based, holistic treatment. See why patients travel from all around the country for this procedure.

Immediate Total Tooth Replacement

Immediate total tooth replacement is a special technique that allows for the placement of dental implants and replacement teeth in one visit. Normally, the entire procedure would take months, but with immediate total tooth replacement, you can walk out after one visit with a brand-new smile. We call this Smile in an Hour!

Using your own natural stem cells and PRGF (plasma rich in growth factors), we perform the implant procedure in a way that encourages faster and more comfortable healing. This revolutionary method is a special area of expertise for Dr. David DiGiallorenzo, so you can rest assured in the knowledge that you are receiving exceptional care backed by years of education, training, and experience.

Advanced Dental Technology

Because we believe that our patients deserve only the latest in today’s diagnostic advancements, our Collegeville, PA and South Williamsport, PA dental practice uses cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT. Cone beam technology not only allows for a faster and more accurate diagnosis — patients save an average of four hours with this type of treatment — but it also reveals the three-dimensional architecture of the periodontium (the gum tissues that surround and support your teeth) as it actively helps to reconstruct it. This helps us give you brand-new teeth in a single visit!

Implant Solutions for Dentures

Dentures often become loose and ill-fitting over the years due to bone loss and changes in the gum tissue. This can lead to problems with chewing and nutritional deficiencies, problems with slipping dentures, reduced ability to speak properly without embarrassment, and changes in facial shape. With overdentures from Dr. David DiGiallorenzo, you can halt bone loss and secure your dentures to avoid these problems.

Overdentures can be placed over dental implants and your remaining teeth to give you a completely secure set of teeth. We offer two types of overdentures: implant-retained dentures or implant-supported dentures. Implant-retained dentures require two implants to be placed in your jaw. These dental implants will be fitted with balls that will snap into a matching part on your denture to hold it in place. For most patients, this is enough.

However, some patients continue to experience pain when biting. These patients need implant-supported dentures, which attach to a metal bar that is secured in your jaw with implants. Implant-supported dentures require four implants per arch, but for some patients, it is a better, more comfortable option for denture security. These implant and denture solutions make chewing, speaking, kissing, and tasting your reality once again.

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Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his traning at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis. His training includes prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology. He also became clinical instructor at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics.

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