Water Fluoridation & Dental Health: What You Need to Know about Fluoride’s Effects

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At LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania in Collegeville, PA and Williamsport, PA, Dr. David DiGiallorenzo and his team help families from throughout our community improve their dental health and overall well-being with an all-encompassing range of services and patient education resources. One of the ways that we help you stay informed involves sharing vital knowledge regarding water fluoridation, a problem that many may not necessarily understand completely. Today, we’d like to discuss some of the top facts you need to know about fluoride in tap water.

Fluoridated Water: Causing More Harm than Good?

While many individuals and organizations may still continue to tout the oral health benefits of fluoride in water, recently published studies now say that the benefit of fluoride on enamel is negligible. In fact, the ultra-thin layer of fluorapatite deposited on the teeth by fluoridated tap water is only approximately six nanometers thick, an amount that has no proven benefit as an anti-cavity mechanism. The act of swallowing substantial amounts of fluoride may actually lead to a variety of serious health problems, including changes in the way the brain develops and functions.

This leads us to our next fact: Countries that practice water fluoridation do not have less tooth decay than those whose water is free of fluoride. On the contrary, tooth decay has seen a rather steady decline across the board in recent decades, even in countries where water fluoridation is not the standard. Add to this the fact that fluoride is a toxic drug that has never been approved as a supplement by the FDA, and you have the makings for an excellent case against the fluoridation of our nation’s water supply.

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