Untreated TMJ Disorder Can Really Ruin Your Day

TMJ Treatment

As you get older, you start to feel little pains and stiffness here and there. That’s just something you have to tolerate. However, pain and stiffness in your jaw joints (called your temporomandibular joints or TMJ) is not anything you should ignore. That’s because it could be the early signs of TMJ disorder.

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Signs Of TMJ Disorder

Your TMJ control your jaw. Whether you eat, drink, talk, laugh, and even yawn, you depend on your TMJ. That’s why it can be a serious problem when you have TMJ disorder. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for:

  • Soreness and pain in your jaw joints.
  • Popping and clicking noises when you use your jaw.
  • Earaches and tinnitus.
  • Neck and shoulder pain.
  • Pain in your upper back.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Facial pain.
  • Dizziness.
  • Difficulty opening or closing your jaw.

If you have any of these signs, call our Pennsylvania dentists today and make an appointment for TMJ treatment. Untreated TMJ disorder can change into a debilitating condition. Here’s what your day could look like with severe, untreated TMJ disorder.

Your Morning With Untreated TMJ Disorder

When the alarm goes off, you’ve already been awake for a while. The pain in your neck and upper back makes it hard to stay asleep. You’re exhausted, but you can’t take any more time off work. So you groggily get ready for work.

Breakfast is a challenge. You know you need to eat, but chewing hurts. You pour some milk over cereal and let it get soggy so you don’t have to use your jaw as much. That still hurts a bit, so you take some pain relievers and head to work.

Traffic is bad, and that builds up the tension in your shoulders. Even with the pills, your pain is noticeable. You finally get to work. Going through your emails and projects is tough because you’re finding it hard to focus. You feel a migraine coming on, but that’s no surprise.

Your Afternoon With Untreated TMJ Disorder

It’s time for lunch, but you don’t feel like eating. It’s someone’s birthday and there’s cake, but you politely pass on it. Instead, you have some soup and yogurt to eat. It’s not a fulfilling meal, but it’s less painful than chewing through a nice sandwich.

At the afternoon meeting, you’re distracted again. This time, it’s the ringing in your ears. You’re having trouble understanding the people talking, but you don’t want to ask questions and look like you’re not paying attention. You take what notes you can and head back to your desk.

You take some more pain relievers from the huge bottle you keep in your desk drawer. It helps, but you still feel that migraine. Eventually, it’s time to head home. The evening commute has even worse traffic, and you start to snap at other drivers because you’re in pain. You even feel a bit dizzy at times.

Your Evening With Untreated TMJ Disorder

All you want to do is go to bed, but there are things to do. Your kids want to play, but you’re in no mood for such a loud, frenzied activity. As the kids yell and run around, you snap and yell at them to be quiet. You instantly regret it, but the stress and the pain makes you very irritable.

Dinner is again painful. You try to chew through some decent food, but you give up halfway through the meal. It’s just not worth the pain and discomfort. You sense tension in the air as people wonder how you’re going to act, but that stubborn migraine is sapping your ability to care.

Eventually, you stumble into your bedroom and get ready for sleep. Even brushing your teeth hurts a bit. You take some more pain relievers and lie down, hoping to finally get some sleep. As the pain continues to flare up in your neck and shoulders, you start to doubt it.

TMJ Treatments For You

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