Unraveling the Truth About Sugar: What Really Causes Cavities?

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If someone told you that the American Dental Association (ADA) accepts funding from junk food companies and sugar moguls, would you believe it? Though it sounds ludicrous, it’s true. For decades, we have been told that lack of fluoride is the primary cause of cavities when in reality, it’s a diet high in sugars that is the real underlying cause. An immense amount of money has been spent over the years to convince the American people that sugar is a necessary component in their daily diet, despite the fact that it is the leading cause of dental caries (cavities), the obesity epidemic, and so much more.

The Truth Hidden Behind the Money

When the policy makers we trust begin colluding with the organizations responsible for distributing harmful food products, we must learn to question what we’re told and make informed decisions regarding our own health. When it comes to the consumption of sugar and processed foods, keep in mind that these are the primary causes of obesity, chronic illness, metabolic dysfunction, and tooth decay in Americans of all ages. The World Health Organization offers guidelines for healthy eating habits and recommends that sugar consumption should equal no more than 10 percent of daily calories. Ideally, however, your daily sugar intake should settle at around 5 percent, or 25 grams, per day for most adults.

The key to reducing your sugar intake is understanding that there is typically much more sugar in the products you buy than you may initially think. Fruit juices and smoothies, for example, are touted as “all natural” and “healthy,” but in excessive amounts, they can be incredibly detrimental to your health. Many parents believe that they are giving their children a healthy alternative to soda when they serve these beverages throughout the day, but tooth decay still rears its ugly head. Why? Because fruit juices, smoothies, and other supposedly healthy products are rife with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Read the label before you buy, and when in doubt, opt for a refreshing glass of naturally healthy water instead.

Be an Informed Consumer

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