Treat Yourself To A Smile Makeover! [BLOG]

Tooth Bonding

It’s the season of love, but that doesn’t mean that everyone feels like celebrating.

If you’re unhappy or embarrassed about your smile, it’s hard to feel attractive and confident enough to pursue the things you want, love and romance among them!

But you’re not alone.

At the LANAP & Implant Center, we help patients every single day who’ve let cupid’s arrow pass them by, all because of a smile they’re insecure about.

We can help you turn things around with a smile makeover in our Collegeville and Williamsport, PA dental offices!

Smile Makeover: The Best In Cosmetic Treatment

You might arrive for your first cosmetic consultation expecting to learn about some super secret treatment that solves all your dental problems in one fell swoop.

But that’s not what a smile makeover is at the LANAP & Implant Center.

Rather, a smile makeover is a treatment plan that brings together all the best that modern cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

In a three step process, Dr. DiGiallorenzo and our team will talk to you about what your dream smile would look like and design a treatment plan that works for you.

Your smile makeover might include options like:

-Dental Restorations

-Dental Implants

-Gum Therapy

-Gum Reshaping / Tooth Contouring

We will do all we can to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible through every step of your smile transformation!

What A New Smile Gives You!

A smile makeover is a huge step. If you have multiple problems with your teeth, it can feel really intimidating and overwhelming at the beginning.

But when you trust our experts at the LANAP & Implant Center, you’ll know from the first consultation that there’s no reason to worry about whether you’ll like the end results.

To ease your mind, though, we’ll go ahead and offer a preview of what you can expect when your treatment plan is complete.

Here are some of the returns on your investment to makeover your smile!

*You’ll Look More Attractive

Obviously, a white, flawless smile is a more attractive one. And just like a new hairstyle and color, it enhances your entire look.

When your teeth are nice and white, their surface and edges smoothed out, you’re going to send a message to people that you take care of yourself. An attractive, winning smile also exudes competence, which can help you earn the respect and confidence of others.

*You’ll Look More Youthful

As we age, our teeth become more stained, more worn, and more flawed on the surface. These cosmetic issues can make you look older than you are.

A smile makeover brightens, whitens, and smoothes out teeth stains and imperfections for a younger-looking appearance overall.

*You’ll Feel More Confident

You already know how limiting an embarrassing smile can be.

When you’re too preoccupied with hiding your smile flaws that you don’t put yourself out there, take risks, or pursue what you want.

It’s not because you feel undeserving or unworthy. It’s not about vanity. And it’s not superficial.

We all need confidence to get the most out of life on all levels professionally, socially, and personally.

A smile makeover not only makes you look younger and more attractive, but it gives you the courage you need to live the life you deserve.

Schedule A Consultation!

Unsightly flaws with your teeth and gums is more than just a cosmetic problem.

A smile that makes you feel self-conscious, stressed, and unhappy affects you far more deeply. It can keep you from living the life you were meant to have, one where you have the courage to pursue all your personal and professional goals and dreams.

You deserve to have the smile you want. Our team at the LANAP & Implant Center can give you that with a smile makeover at the hands of some of the most extensively-trained dental specialists in the country.

From your very first smile makeover consultation, Dr. DiGiallorenzo and our cosmetic team will make sure you feel heard, well-cared for, and comfortable with the entire process.

But it all starts with a phone call!

Call the LANAP & Implant Center today at 610-228-4366 for our Collegeville, PA office or 570-505-6908 for our Williamsport location. You can also fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.


Meet Dr. D

Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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