Toss The Tobacco, Save Your Teeth [BLOG]

Preventative Orthodontics

This time of year, many people will attempt to quit smoking to improve their health. If you’re one of those people, our team at LANAP & Implant Center wants you to know who to count on for support.

We offer a number of dental services that will optimize your oral and overall health in our Wellness Center. With acupuncture, for example, you can get yourself one step closer to healthier teeth and gums by tossing the tobacco for good!

More Reasons To Toss The Tobacco

We’re just getting started, so why would we begin by giving you ‘more’ reasons to toss the tobacco?

Because everyone knows that tobacco is bad for you. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and even vaping, can all cause problems with your health, the most obvious being oral cancer.

Since you’re already aware of this, we’re giving you several other reasons to quit using tobacco products. It can save you from more than just cancer.

Save Your Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is essential to your oral health because it stands between harmful plaque acids and the inner tissues of your teeth and gums. If your enamel is weakened by tobacco use, it can’t keep harmful bacteria from getting inside and infecting your mouth.

To save your tooth enamel from the gritty particles in cigar and cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco, it’s best to kick the habit once and for all.

Save Yourself From Oral Surgery Complications

Any time you have surgery, one of the first questions medical professionals will ask is whether or not you’re a tobacco user.


Because tobacco weakens your immunity and decreases the likelihood of successful surgery and optimal healing and recovery. In other words, it’s harder for your body to heal like it’s supposed to.

So if oral surgery is the key to keeping your mouth healthy or to regaining your oral health after gum disease, smoking is something that could lead to avoidable complications with treatments and procedures.

Save Your Gums

Tobacco, no matter what form it comes in, is an irritant your gums just aren’t designed to deal with. So chewing tobacco, smoke, and vapor can all irritate and inflame your gums, leaving them defenseless against infection.

Since gum disease is the number one cause of adult tooth loss, it’s all the more reason to toss the tobacco for good!

Save Your Saliva

Any food or drink that goes into your mouth will leave trails of particles behind for harmful bacteria to eat. That feasting process creates acids that attack your tooth enamel, which is why your saliva is so important.

Healthy saliva flow in your mouth helps to coat your enamel and protect it from erosion that leads to cavities and periodontal disease. Since tobacco threatens your body’s ability to produce saliva, it’s another reason to quit.

Save Your Teeth From Stains

Although you can’t see it, your tooth enamel is full of microscopic doorways to the inside of your teeth. With dips and holes on the surface, tobacco users are especially vulnerable to dental problems because smoke and other chemicals can easily attach themselves in and around the tiny openings on your teeth.  

Repeated tobacco use can then result in dark, stubborn stains on your teeth that only a dental professional can help you remove or hide.

Healthy Habits After You Toss The Tobacco

*Dedicate Yourself To Daily Oral Hygiene

Once you make the commitment to stop your tobacco use, you can rededicate yourself to good oral hygiene every single day. Brushing twice each day and flossing once a day are best practices you can maintain at home for a healthy, beautiful smile.

*Reach Out For Support

We don’t pretend that stopping tobacco use is easy for our patients. It’s very design is to keep you hooked on its addictive chemicals.

What we can do is give you the support you need to make this difficult change and stick with it. In our Wellness Center, we offer a whole host of holistic services, such as acupuncture.

This ancient practice has shown time and again to help people stop smoking and using other forms of tobacco so you can get beyond your addiction for better oral and overall health.

Make An Appointment

We aren’t just here to tell you about changes you can make to improve your oral health. We’re here to help you implement those changes successfully.

At the LANAP & Implant Center, we want to give you the support you need to make lasting improvements so your teeth and gums are strong and healthy for a lifetime. It’s why we take an integrated approach to dental care.

By visiting our Wellness Center, you can take advantage of services like acupuncture, which can help you kick your smoking habit for good! But this is only one way we can optimize your total health!

Learn more about how we can help you live a healthier life and keep your smile looking great! Call the LANAP & Implant Center today at 610-228-4366 for our Collegeville, PA office or 570-505-6908 for our Williamsport location. You can also fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.


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Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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