Tips For Holistic Dental Care At Home [BLOG]

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It seems there’s a sweeping trend in the last several years toward cleaner living. That can mean a number of things regarding lifestyle.

You might be making more of an effort to find balance in your life between work and home. You could be spending more time on the weekend at local farmer’s markets in search of fresh, organic produce. And you might be taking more time in the grocery store scanning ingredients before you toss items into your shopping cart.

Our team at the LANAP & Implant Center is so excited to see people putting things into practice that we’ve been specializing in for so many years. That’s an integrated approach to dental care that keeps the whole person in mind when designing a treatment plan.

A holistic approach to your total wellness is what we believe to be the key in optimizing successful outcomes for our patients. That’s why we’re sharing today’s blog with you about ways you can take this holistic approach to your oral health care home with you after you’ve visited one of our PA dental offices.

Here are just a few ways to keep your teeth and gums clean the all-natural way!

Tips For Holistic Oral Care At Home

You may already heard about some of these tips, or perhaps you’ve already put them into practice. Either way, it’s always important to be aware of what we’re putting into our bodies.

We take an approach to your dental care that encourages the body’s own healing power, and part of that effort involves using more natural ingredients rather than chemicals that potentially counteract the body’s ability to heal itself.

Brush Your Teeth Each Morning And Night

You probably already do this, but have you ever thought much about the importance of when you brush each day?

The best time to brush and floss your teeth is in the morning and at night. Maybe cleaning your teeth and gums at night makes the most sense. Obviously, it’s the perfect time to clean away all food particles and debris remaining from your meals and drinks throughout the day.

Aside from getting rid of morning breath, there are other reasons brushing first thing after you wake up is beneficial. While you’re sleeping, your mouth is piling on bacteria and other toxins from your body’s natural rebuilding process. Clearing it away as early as possible is ideal.

It also helps to brush after meals, too. If that’s not practical for your daily schedule, you can give your teeth and gums some extra help by simply giving your mouth a good rinse with water after you eat.

Skip Store Bought Mouthwash And Make Your Own

If you were to go online and do a little research into chemical-free household items, you’d find tons of resources about how to make your own detergents, hair and skincare products, and cleaning solutions. Most of the time, you can create these sort of things with ingredients that are probably already sitting in your kitchen pantry!

We’ll add something else to add to your all-natural DIY list: mouthwash. It’s just as effective as what you’d find in stores without any of the unnecessary chemicals.

In a bottle or mason jar, mix warm water with natural sea salt and a couple of drops of your favorite scented oil such as mint or clove. Seal it tightly and there you have it. It’s that simple. You have a mouthwash that will not only give your mouth a clean, fresh feeling, but the salt will help ward off infection and encourage your body’s natural healing ability.

Maintain Healthy pH Levels

You don’t often hear very much about the importance of pH balance for better oral health. But with all the acids that have your mouth under attack all throughout the day, you need healthy pH levels in the body to help counteract the harm those acids can do to your tooth enamel. Eat alkaline foods like dark green vegetables and beans to give your body’s pH levels more balance.

Don’t Forget To Clean Your Tongue

Here, we suggest that you start taking a daily probiotic if you don’t already, and to purchase a tongue cleaner to incorporate into your oral hygiene routine. This will help keep your breath fresher and help you minimize the biological residue that likes to live on your tongue.

Trust The LANAP & Implant Center For Holistic Dental Care

Come and see for yourself all the ways we can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile with our commitment to your total wellness!

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