There’s More To Gum Disease Than Meets The Eye [BLOG]

At the LANAP & Implant Center in Pennsylvania, there is a team of dental professionals who have wide-ranging areas of specialty.

One of them is restoring your periodontal health, particularly if you’ve been the victim of one of the most deceptively harmful threats to your smile, gum disease.

Today, we want to make sure you aren’t fooled into thinking this bacterial infection isn’t something that’s affecting you simply based on what you can see in the mirror during your oral hygiene routine at home.

There’s More To Gum Disease Than Meets The Eye

Too many people find themselves face to face with serious health problems all because they believe the lie that your body will tell you when something is wrong.

While this might be the case some of the time, it’s certainly not true all the time, and especially with a health threat as insidious as gum disease.

There’s more than meets the eye to this infection that robs your smile because many of its earliest signs are not detectable simply by looking in the mirror.

Gingivitis, its earliest form, is most often something only a trained dental hygienist can spot because they have the training and tools to do so.

The irritation on your gums might be far in the back where you can’t see it, and it can be mild enough that you also don’t feel it.

In its advanced stage, periodontitis, gum disease has already started spreading inside your mouth.

At this point, you’re more likely to see and feel some of the common symptoms associated with gum disease like:

*Red, swollen gums

*Gum soreness

*Chronic bad breath

*Loose or shifting teeth

*Gums that bleed when you brush and floss

There are more, but again, you shouldn’t wait until you notice the symptoms before you seek help from a dental professional for gum disease treatment. For one thing, you may not ever notice the signs.

For another, treatment for poor gum health will be more successful the earlier you get the professional intervention you need.

Gum Disease Threatens Your Smile & Health

Along with being dangerously sneaky, it’s also dangerous for its effects on your oral health, your total body, and not to mention your smile.

Here are a few ways it can destroy all three:

*It Can Get Into Your Bloodstream & Spread*

The reason gum disease is so dangerous to your health is because it’s a bacterial infection.

And like all infections, it spreads.

If gum disease advances inside your mouth, it can find its way into your bloodstream and on the fast track to causing heart disease, stroke, and all sorts of serious health issues.

*It Makes Your Gums Unhealthy & Unattractive*

What this infection does to your gum health is obvious, but unhealthy gums are also unattractive gums. That’s going to certainly impact your smile.

A beautiful smile needs great teeth, but you also need gums that are healthy shade of pink, not red, swollen, and bleeding.

*It Gives You Bad Breath*

If you’ve been using breath spray, brushing your teeth with vigilance, use mouthwash daily and still can’t get rid of your persistent bad breath, it could another sign you have gum disease.

Your gums will begin to smell as they deteriorate, and that’s a odor that can’t be removed or masked by gum, mints, or mouthwash.

*It Makes Your Teeth Loose, Or Worse…*

There’s a reason gum disease leads the way in causes of adult tooth loss. It doesn’t just stop at your gums.

Gum disease is an infection that will eat away at your tissue and rob your teeth of their stable structure. Once your gums recede, your teeth lose their foundation, and start to loosen.

Without treatment, the disease will simply get worse until you lose a tooth, and from there it’s just a domino effect of disaster.

What We Can Do About It

Dental lasers have changed gum disease treatment for the better in a number of ways. It doesn’t involve cutting or stitching, which means recovery time is shorter.

Laser gum therapy is also a more comfortable procedure that also actually regenerates your gum tissue instead of simply treating the infected area.

Since we’re a holistic practice, we can provide you with other treatments and services to optimize your recovery and your ongoing gum health so you can reduce your risks for periodontal disease.

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One thing is for sure, the longer you wait to treat gum disease, the more you’re setting yourself up for tooth loss and serious health problems.

We’ll help you avoid that with our advanced gum disease treatment and holistic care so you bounce back faster and healthier so it doesn’t ruin your smile or your health.

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