The Diabetes-Gum Disease Connection

WILLIAMSPORT, COLLEGEVILLE AND PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – We recently observed Diabetes Awareness Month in November, but when it comes to gum disease, diabetes needs to be at the forefront year-round.

Diabetes can be a predictor of gum disease, says Dr. David DiGiallorenzo, a Williamsport, Collegeville and Philadelphia periodontist. We offer a variety of gum disease treatments at our practice locations, and many of our patients who are battling gum disease also are diabetics. For that reason, we are offering information this month on the diabetes/gum disease connection.

Patients with diabetes are more prone to developing periodontal disease, and the reason likely has to do with the fact that diabetics are more susceptible to contracting infections. Diabetics also have a higher tooth loss index and greater susceptibility to periodontal disease.
“Diabetes has been shown to reduce the immune response, leaving sufferers prone to a variety of susceptible illnesses and degenerative processes,” says Dr. DiGiallorenzo, who also offers Immediate Total Tooth Replacement and implant dentures.

Consequently, glycemic management becomes crucial to successful healing in dental implant and LANAP patients. LANAP- which stands for laser assisted new attachment procedure- is a no cut, no sew, virtually painless treatment for gum disease.

A super-developed diet and nutritional protocol to supplement and detoxify the body of harmful toxins is crucial in cases such as these, Dr. DiGiallorenzo says.
A raging gum infection could cause an unstable glycemic index if you are a diabetic patient, which leaves your body in an energy-depleted state. Infections in the oral arena are prevalent and quiescent, so you may not realize you have an infection.

Dr. DiGiallorenzo uses 3D imaging, nutritional detoxification, laser biostimulation, risk factor modification and LANAP therapy to effectively manage his diabetic patients.

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