Sprouted Grains vs. Refined Grains: What You Should Be Eating for Better Health

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It seems that everywhere you look – whether you’re at the grocery store, a restaurant, or ordering food online – nearly every product available is made with some sort of refined flour. The most common offenders are, coincidentally, among the most popular snacks and meals in America. Baked goods, crackers, breads, and pasta all contain flour that is made from grains that have been stripped of their vital nutrients. Fortunately, there is an all-natural alternative to refined grains and flour: raw, living foods and sprouted grains. At LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania, Dr. David DiGiallorenzo encourages his patients from Williamsport, PA and Collegeville, PA to enjoy as many natural, organic foods as possible on a daily basis. This incredibly nourishing diet includes raw and sprouted foods.

Health Benefits of Raw & Sprouted Whole Grains

In order to make the refined grain flour that has become so prolific in America and throughout the world, whole grains are altered and excessively processed. They are heated, colored, seasoned, bleached, colored, and adulterated with additives. Their nutrient-rich components are discarded, and the digestibility of the grain is instantly diminished.

Flour made from sprouted grains, on the other hand, is packed with the nutrients and enzymes our bodies need to function optimally. It also contains far less gluten, a protein that regularly causes moderate to severe health problems for millions of Americans. Though research continues regarding the numerous benefits of switching to sprouted grain flour, some well-documented studies have already determined that it does present the following capabilities:

  • Sprouted buckwheat: Protection against fatty liver disease
  • Sprouted barley: Normalizes blood pressure
  • Sprouted brown rice: Decrease in depression and fatigue, particularly in breastfeeding mothers; protects against diabetes and cardiovascular disease

While it isn’t necessary to switch to a 100 percent raw and sprouted food diet, it is recommended that you incorporate as many raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts into your day as you can. Dr. DiGiallorenzo can tell you more about how to enjoy more sprouted grains without sacrificing delicious flavor at your nutritional therapy consultation.

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