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You know not to eat too many treats. Not only are desserts, snacks, and other treats often bad for your waistline and heart, they can hurt your teeth as well. That’s why you need to call our Collegeville dental office (610-228-4366) or our Williamsport dental office (570-505-6908) today for nutritional therapy. Our dentists are well trained to use holistic dentistry, so they know how to help your body to help your smile.

It’s More Than Just About Sugar

You probably keep an eye on how much candy and sugar you eat. That’s because you know sugar is bad for your teeth. Why is that? Because sugar is the favorite food of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Whenever you eat, tiny amounts get trapped on your teeth and gums. When you eat sugar, you’re basically laying out a microscopic buffet for the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.

However, sugar isn’t the only problematic thing you can eat or drink. Here are three other things you have to consider:

  1. Carbohydrates: When it comes to foods that deliver energy, carbs are right behind sugar. That means those harmful bacteria can thrive on carbohydrates as well. Eating a ton of pasta or bread can increase your risk of cavities and gum disease as well.
  2. Acidity: Some foods are highly acidic. These acids coat your teeth after you enjoy the foods that have them. Over time, the acid corrodes your enamel and weakens your teeth.
  3. Toughness: Your teeth are designed to be very durable, but some foods are simply tough. Chewing on anything that’s very hard creates irregular worn spots on your enamel and can damage your teeth.

Treats That Can Cause Dental Health Problems

Here are several common treats that can be hurting your teeth without you realizing it.

Diet Soda

Many people think diet soda is good for your dental health because there’s no sugar in it. While that is true, all soda (regular or diet) has a lot of acid in it. This gives soda a tart flavor and balances out the sweetness. It also corrodes your teeth. If you took a tooth and left it submerged in diet soda for long enough, it would look like it had cavities.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are very popular these days, and there are many different kinds. That’s why you need to read the label to know if they will impact your dental health. Many have a ton of sugar in them to give you a quick energy boost. Others are highly acidic and will corrode your enamel similar to how diet soda does.


This might be great for watching a movie, but it’s not so great for your dental health. Corn is heavy carbs, so popcorn can feed those harmful bacteria. Bits of popcorn can easily get stuck between your teeth, irritating your gums and encouraging tooth decay. Then there are the unpopped kernels. There’s always some in every popcorn bag. Biting down on a kernel unexpectedly can damage your teeth.


While ice really isn’t a treat, many people enjoy chewing on it, especially during the summer. It’s flavorless, but it’s cool and feels good to break apart and chew. However, ice is very hard. Every time you chew on ice, you’re damaging your enamel. You’re creating worn spots on your teeth that weaken the overall structure and make it easier for food particles to get trapped there.

Pasta Sauce

The tomato-based pasta sauce tastes great, but it can do a number on your dental health several ways. First, most commercial pasta sauces have a surprising amount of sugar in them. Second, tomatoes are highly acidic and can corrode your teeth. Last, pasta sauce is dark enough to leave behind tiny stains on your teeth.

Fruit Juice

Yes, juices like orange juice are full of vitamins. That’s why eating raw fruit is good for you. However, most fruit juices you can buy in the store are artificially sweetened with extra sugar. Fruit already has plenty of sugar, so this just makes juice worse for your teeth. Plus, fruit juice is very acidic.

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