Save Your Thanksgiving From Tooth Loss [BLOG]


Tooth loss is horrible on any day, not to mention one of the most food-centered holidays of the year!

Thanksgiving, in particular, can be a really painful reminder of the ways your life is affected by tooth loss.

Here are some of the effects tooth loss can have on your Thanksgiving experience and how we can help you avoid them with overdentures in our Collegeville and Williamsport dental offices.

It Keeps You From Eating Comfortably

One of the reasons holidays can be miserable for people with missing teeth is the way that problem restricts your food choices. An incomplete smile makes chewing difficult and uncomfortable, so you stick to the softer, safer foods, which is no fun at all on Thanksgiving!

It Threatens Your Oral Health

When you lose an adult tooth, you should replace it right away to keep your gums and other teeth safe from gum disease. The empty space left behind is a potential breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

This can lead to gum disease, which science has shown to be linked to heart disease, type II diabetes, and stroke, among many other serious health problems.

It Robs You Of Self-Confidence

No one wants an incomplete smile, especially around the holidays. It completely robs you of self-confidence.

When you know you’re going to be surrounded by friends, relatives, and coworkers one social event after another, you’ll feel anxious rather than excited. Anxious about family photos, anxious about being judged about your teeth and oral health, and anxious about smiling and laughing for fear of showing your teeth. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be!

It Leaves Your Smile Incomplete

As surprising as it may sound, tooth loss leads to more tooth loss. This is because missing a tooth leaves an empty space, which can have a ripple effect of jawbone deterioration, weakening structures, and loosening of the healthy teeth that remain.

If teeth aren’t replaced, the cycle of tooth loss begins and worsens over time. That’s why you should trust our team of specialists for stable replacement options that will preserve your complete, healthy smile.   

Save Your Holiday With Implant Dentures!

For some patients, traditional dentures are an effective solution for missing teeth. Other patients, however, look for the kind of stability they had with their natural teeth. That’s because removable dentures come with certain limitations.

Resting on your gums, dentures can create irritation and, consequently, uncomfortable chewing. You also have to deal with the anxiety that comes from potentially embarrassing slips if your dentures are loose-fitting and unreliable.

Dental implants can be used in conjunction with dentures for the stability many patients long to have. Overdentures are one of those solutions at the LANAP & Implant Center because they fit over implants and your remaining healthy teeth.

This kind of security has its benefits! It can allow you to:

-Brush and floss easily for better oral health

-Eat without pain or discomfort

-Chew food without fear of embarrassment

-Feel confident when smiling, laughing, and speaking

-Preserve your appearance

-Promote a healthy jawbone

The benefits of overdentures can make your Thanksgiving and other holidays what they’re meant to be, which is a relaxing and enjoyable time with family and friends and delicious food!

Schedule A Consultation!

Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings. But it’s really hard to feel a sense of gratitude when you’re dealing with a problem like tooth loss. Our experienced team at the LANAP & Implant Center completely understand why. We’ve seen so many patients going through the same thing.

There’s something about this particular holiday that brings all the problems that tooth loss brings with it right to the forefront. You’re around a lot of people, you’re bombarded with sights and smells of delicious holiday food that you can’t have. It can darken what’s supposed to be a joyous season.

But we can help you overcome the devastating effects of tooth loss. Dentures that are secured by dental implants can transform your smile, your health, and your holiday experience.

Let us help you enjoy Thanksgiving with implant dentures. Call the LANAP & Implant Center today at 610-228-4366 for our Collegeville, PA office or 570-505-6908 for our Williamsport location. You can also fill out our convenient online form to request an appointment.

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