Philadelphia Periodontists Boast Benefits of Implant Tech with No Bone Loss

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 — PHILADELPHIA, PA — Without the proper treatment by a dental implant specialist and continued maintenance, the success rates of dental implants are greatly reduced. Complications from dental implants can include inflammation, swelling, tissue loss, bone loss, or even nerve damage to the gums and jaw bone.

Fortunately, there is an implant system, which along with the help of an experienced practitioner, ensures long-term form and esthetic function. Dr. David DiGiallorenzo, a leader amongst Philadelphia periodontists, has spent the past seven years spreading the word about the Ankylos Implant System, in hopes that the world’s dentists and practitioners will adopt the best implant treatment possible.

“The design is so unique and successful that all of the world’s leading implant manufacturers have cloned this design concept over the last several years,” said Philadelphia, PA dental implants specialist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo. “The design preserves bone in the jaw. This is essential when having esthetic tooth replacement in the front of the mouth. If the bone even recedes 2 mm under the gum over time, the overlying gum tissue will recede causing an esthetic failure.”

Since the inception of implantology 35 years ago, dentists have been treating implant patients under the rule that 2 mm of bone resorption within the first year of the procedure is permissible said Dr. DiGiallorenzo. However, research has shown that over time even 2 mm of bone loss has repercussions, in that the gum tissue loses stability and becomes susceptible to inflammation.

According to Dentsply, a dental supply company, the Ankylos system has virtually no micromovement, is bacteria proofed, prevents bone resorption, and ensures stable and healthy soft tissue in the jaw.

The Journal of Oral Implantology held a clinical study, titled, “The Ankylos Implant System: Concept and Clinical Application.” In this study, authored by Georg-H Nentwig, the purpose was to demonstrate whether or not the Ankylos system meets dentists’ and clients’ standards of success and is suitable for single tooth replacements, bridge abutments, and retention.

Evaluating nearly 5,500 implants, the study tested for clinical stability, inflammation of hard and soft tissue, bone loss, mucosa loss, and patient satisfaction. The results found a 98.7% success for restoration and 97.9% success for end-implant restoration; a 97.3% success rate where there was a large gap involved; and a 95.8% success rate when involving reduced dentition.

“Thanks to Ankylos, my patients can live a life without worrying about their implants,” said the Philadelphia, PA dental implants specialist. “My patients don’t have to worry about infection or long-term bone loss, and it looks so natural that they have little self-consciousness about their implants. I can only hope every dentist adopts this system as the periodontists at my practice have.”

Though the Ankylos Implant System was invented 20 years ago in Germany, the FDA had not approved the procedure until a few years ago. Dr. DiGiallorenzo has been an advocate of the Ankylos system since he was selected to be a pilot clinician when the FDA approved the treatment in North American markets six years ago. He teaches nationally and internationally on implants and related topics, including the Ankylos Implant System. The dentists at his Philadelphia practice prefer the Ankylos system whenever possible.

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About Dr. David Digiallorenzo

Dr. David Digiallorenzo, or “Dr. D,” graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1993 and completed a specialty in periodontics and dental implantology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995.

He is an associate clinical professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics. He teaches nationally and internationally and is a regular contributor to dental literature.  He is the only the periodontist in the Delaware valley providing the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.

Dr. D’s private practice in suburban Philadelphia concentrates on periodontics, dental implantology, advanced reconstructive case management and TMJ treatment. It is a unique dental spa with two full-time massage therapists that specialize in reflexology, reiki, massage, aromatherapy and homeopathy. This combination creates a relaxed, optimal healing response.
Dr. D has two office locations: 184 W. Main St., Ste. 200, in Collegeville, PA; and 121 E. Fourth St. in Williamsport, PA.

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Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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