Philadelphia Dental Implants Expert Discusses Five Signs of Sleep Apnea and How to Treat It

PHILADELPHIA, PA– Sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening condition that affects about 18 million Americans and often can be corrected with a simple oral device. There are at least five signs and symptoms that a person may suffer from sleep apnea, said Philadelphia Dental Implants Dr. David DiGiallorenzo. Choking and Gasping During Sleep People with sleep apnea often exhibit this ...

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Collegeville Periodontist Treats Chronic Inflammatory Disease with LANAP

COLLEGEVILLE AND PHILADELPHIA, PA – Your gums could be killing you. The truth is that chronic oral inflammatory disease- or periodontal disease- can do more than cause tooth loss, said Collegeville Periodontist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo. It can kill you. It is estimated that almost 75 percent of Americans suffer from any of a number periodontal disease forms and aren’t even aware of it, ...

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Philadelphia Periodontist Fights CID With Laser

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The advent of laser periodontal treatment has proven to be useful in painlessly treating a variety of oral problems, including chronic inflammatory disease. Philadelphia Periodontist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo began using laser periodontal treatment in his office earlier this year.  The  laser helps ensure oral problems are treated early enough, which can prevent tooth ...

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Philadelphia, PA Periodontist Uses Nutritional Supplements to Fight Gum Infections

PHILADELPHIA, PA – There is a link between nutrition and periodontal health and the Philadelphia, PA periodontists in Dr. David DiGiallorenzo’s Collegeville and Williamsport practice are working to educate patients on that important link. DiGiallorenzo, a Philadelphia, PA periodontist, introduced two lines of nutritional products- Isagenix and NuVerus- into his practice recently in an ...

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PA Periodontists Experts Uses Nutritional Supplements to Fight Gum Infections

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The PA periodontists in Dr. David DiGiallorenzo’s Collegeville and Williamsport practice recently began offering two lines of nutritional supplements to patients as a means of promoting the connection between good nutrition and improved periodontal health. DiGiallorenzo, a PA dental implants specialist, introduced Isagenix and NuVerus because studies have shown that ...

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Philadelphia PA and Williamsport Periodontist One of few Offering in U.S. Offering Metal-Free Dental Implants

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The office of Philadelphia and Williamsport, PA Periodontist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo recently was selected by Z-Systems, a Swiss biotechnology company, to be the first U.S. office to begin evaluation, dissemination and usage of a holistic alternative to titanium dental implants. Known as Z-Look implants, these metal-free, zirconia dental implants provide an alternative to ...

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Philadelphia, PA Periodontist Gets Great Results With New Laser Treatment Option

September 2, 2009- PHILADELPHIA, PA – In the three months that Philadelphia PA Periodontist Dr. David Digiallorenzo has treated patients with the PerioLase dental laser, the results have been phenomenal. Diagiallorenzo has treated about 50 cases with PerioLase, a dental laser manufactured by Millennium Dental Technologies. “The results are nothing short of fantastic,” he said. “Patient ...

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Philadelphia, PA Dental Implants Specialist Offers Reasons to Kick Butt

September 2, 2009- PHILADELPHIA, PA – It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you, but for those stubborn smokers out there, a Philadelphia, PA dental implants specialist has uncovered a few more reasons to “kick butt,” so to speak, once and for all. Smoking and smokeless tobacco products is the number one risk factor for periodontal disease and can slow the healing process after oral ...

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Dental Implants Pro Lectures on No Bone Loss System

August, 6, 2009 — PHILADELPHIA, PA — In a recent lecture held in Honolulu, Hawaii, Philadelphia periodontist Dr. David DiGiallorenzo presented a lecture on the world’s leading dental implant technology to Hawaii’s top dentists. The lecture, titled, “Ankylos: the Esthetic and Functional Advantage,” promoted the benefits of the Ankylos Implant System, a popular dental implant ...

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Philadelphia Periodontists Boast Benefits of Implant Tech with No Bone Loss

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 — PHILADELPHIA, PA — Without the proper treatment by a dental implant specialist and continued maintenance, the success rates of dental implants are greatly reduced. Complications from dental implants can include inflammation, swelling, tissue loss, bone loss, or even nerve damage to the gums and jaw bone. Fortunately, there is an implant system, which along with ...

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