Lyme Disease

According to a recently written article by Dr. Mercola on his website, Lyme disease is on the rise. And not only in the northeastern United States where it has been most prevalent—and has increased by more than 320 percent according to research—but also in states where the disease has never been found before, such as the Midwestern states of Iowa, Minnesota and Michigan.

Lyme disease is an illness that is spread by either biting or blood-sucking insects. In the United States, the black-legged deer tick is most closely associated with the transmission of the disease. However, Dr. Dietrick Klinghardt, an expert on Lyme disease, says the bacteria that causes Lyme infection can also be spread by mosquitoes, mites, fleas and spiders. However, tick bites are probably the most common transmitter of Lyme disease, which is marked by:

  • Severe fatigue
  • Fever
  • Headaches, as serious as a migraine
  • Muscles and joints that ache

Without treatment, Lyme disease symptoms may expand to become more serious and include muscle spasms, a lack of motor coordination, heart illness, spinal meningitis and even sporadic paralysis. Obviously, the need to properly diagnosis and treat Lyme disease is crucial.

The question, of course: what is the best treatment? First of all, Dr. Mercola recommends a Lyme test with the specialized lab, IGeneX, which has a test that can detect Lyme when standard blood tests cannot. The organisms that cause Lyme disease are known to work in secret and are, therefore, often undetected in an ordinary blood test. Thus, many Lyme disease patients are incorrectly diagnosed or told, “it’s all in your head,” despite the expansion of symptoms.

Lyme Disease Treatment

Dr. Mercola recommends trying natural alternatives for treating Lyme disease before turning to a lengthy course of antibiotics, which can leave your natural gut microbiome out of balance and may make you more susceptible to yeast or fungal infections. Dr. Mercola’s alternative medicine mentor, Dr. Lee Cowden, offers an alternative to conventional antibiotics: the Nutramedix line of herbal antimicrobials. Boosting your natural immune system with a healthy diet and additional antioxidants can also prove helpful in fighting Lyme disease. Some of the things you may want to add to your diet include: probiotics, krill oil, grapefruit see extract, cilantro, Resveratrol and CoQ10.

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