Learn More about the Link between Women and Periodontal Disease with Help from Dr. DiGiallorenzo

Over the course of our last few blog posts, we’ve discussed several components of periodontal disease, including how our revolutionary LANAP treatment can effectively treat the problem and important prevention tips. Now, we’d like to turn our attention to a particular subset of the population that may face unique circumstances that could lead to an increased risk of contracting this potentially dangerous condition: women. Many of the unique milestones women experience during their lives can lead to oral health care woes, which is why Dr. David DiGiallorenzo wants to ensure that his patients from the Philadelphia area and beyond are well-informed throughout the years. These situations include:


During this time, an increased level of sex hormones can cause there to be an increase in blood circulation to your gums, which may cause them to be more sensitive and succumb easier to infection. Practicing diligent oral health routines and attending regular check-ups is very important at this time.


In some cases, brief instances of gingivitis can pop up right before a woman begins her period and dissipate once it’s started. Simply be sure to keep an eye on your symptoms and pursue care from Dr. DiGiallorenzo if they persist.


Periodontal disease is often a bad omen when it comes to pregnancy – studies have linked the disease to premature births, although more information is needed to confirm a definite correlation. In any case, women who are considering getting pregnant should have a periodontal evaluation beforehand.

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