Keep Your Teeth in Top-Top Shape with Nutritional Therapy

You’ve surely heard all of the tried-and-true information when it comes to how food affects dental health – stay away from sugary drinks and foods to avoid cavities, don’t take part in treats that are too hard or chewy, etc. However, have you ever thought about how making changes to your diet could result in positive changes to your oral health, as well as the health of your entire body? Here in Collegeville and Williamsport, Dr. DiGiallorenzo believes strongly in taking a holistic approach to dentistry. That’s why, whenever you come in to be treated for gum disease or to have an implant placed, you’ll also receive information and helpful nutritional therapy in order to help support the good choices you’ve already made by coming in to see our excellent dental team.

How exactly will nutritional therapy help me?

Nutritional therapy is based on the idea that the body can actually heal itself when given the right tools; simply put, by eating right, you can help your body help you! Additionally, it’s been shown that nutritious food can actually help improve your oral health and help you recover from serious problems such as gum disease.

Here are some of the recommendations that Dr. DiGiallorenzo might make when it comes to your diet:

  • Try to eat more whole grain!
  • Make sure to ingest a variety of vegetables
  • Include fruit in your daily meals
  • Focus on calcium rich foods and go lean with protein
  • Find your perfect balance between food and physical activity

To learn about the holistic methods you can receive in the care of Dr. DiGiallorenzo and his dedicated staff, contact either our Collegeville or Williamsport office today with any questions you have, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment. Patients in the Philadelphia area and beyond enjoy our remedies and find that not just their smiles, but their entire wellbeing is improved after a visit with us!

Meet Dr. D

Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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