Gum Grafts: Healthy Gums Make For Healthier Smiles

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Gum disease can lead to gum recession. This can affect the appearance of your smile, the health of your mouth, and the security of your teeth. Gum grafting can restore your gum tissue and address other issues as well.

At the Lanap & Implant Center of Pennsylvania, we offer a faster and more comfortable approach to gum grafting than you will find in many offices. We want to help our patients get their smiles back as soon as we can.

If you are dealing with gum recession, please make an appointment at one of our dentist offices in Collegeville or Williamsport, PA. The sooner you visit us, the sooner we can help.


What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession occurs when your gums pull back and even separate from your tooth. This can leave your roots exposed and increase your risk of oral health issues including tooth loss.

If you have receding gums, we want to reiterate the importance of getting help at the Lanap & Implant Center as soon as you can. With that in mind, we also want you to be aware of the causes of gum recession. If you can avoid this problem, you should.

▷ Aggressive brushing or flossing

Having a daily dental hygiene is important for your oral health. But like most things, too much can become a problem too. Brushing or flossing too hard can damage your gum tissue.

You want to brush the bacteria away. You don’t want to scrub way your enamel or your gum tissue.

▷ Poor oral health

Ignoring your dental health can be worse than being too aggressive. Ignored oral care allows bacteria to thrive inside your mouth. This can lead to gum disease, which can lead to receding gums if you don’t seek treatment in time.

▷ Injuries

This isn’t one you can always anticipate. An injury to your gums can lead to a variety of problems, including gum recession.

▷ Genes

This may not be fair, but it’s true. Some people are more prone to gum issues than others. If one or both of your parents have had issues with receding gums, you may be more likely to develop a similar problem.


How Gum Grafting Treats Gum Recession

Healthy gums serve a protective role by securing your teeth in place and covering the roots of your teeth. As your gums recede, they expose more of the roots of your teeth.

Gum grafting is a way of transplanting soft tissue to repair your gums and restore the shape of your gumline.

One way to do this by removing existing gum tissue from the roof of your mouth. This leaves you will two areas of your mouth in need of healing.

At the Lanap & Implant Center, we use absorptive dermis tissue instead. This makes your recovery more comfortable since no gum tissue was harvested from other parts of your mouth for the procedure.

You could say we enhanced the procedure with the use of plasma rich in growth factors (PCGF). This plasma is removed from a sample of your own blood. Using it as part of the gum graft procedure helps speed up your recovery.

Hospitals have used a version of PCGF for years to help surgical patients. Its use in dentistry is still relatively new, but we are happy to be one of the few practices who are able to use this for the benefit of our patients.


What To Expect As Part Of A Gum Graft

First and foremost, you should know that we offer oral sedation and IV sedation at our practice. You can rest assured that you won’t remember the procedure nor will you feel any pain during the procedure.

In most case, we can complete a gum graft in an hour or less. As part of this procedure, we will use sutures to keep the transplanted tissue securely in place as you heal.

We will provide you with instruction regarding nutrition and home care during your recovery. You will return to our office for follow-up visits to monitor your progress as you heal and to remove the sutures.

Each step of the way, the Lanap & Implant Center team will be here to answer any questions that you may have.


Is A Gum Graft Right For You?

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