Foods To Pack For A Smile-Friendly Spring Picnic [BLOG]

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As we inch closer to spring, you’ll no doubt be adjusting your routine, activity level, and your diet. You may also be looking forward to spending more time outside taking in some long-awaited fresh air and sunshine.

Our team at the LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania wants to help you make a smooth transition to a new season with the tools to make good decisions for the sake of your dental health!

Here’s What To Pack For A Smile-Friendly Picnic!

To learn more about how your diet impacts your smile, take advantage of nutritional therapy at the LANAP & Implant Center! We can evaluate your daily diet and offer helpful ways to move toward a more nutritious approach to overall wellness.

In the meantime, check out our suggestions for smile-friendly snacks to bring along on your spring picnic!


Nuts are a healthy snack and provide the perfect remedy for salty, crunchy cravings. One of the best among them in flavor and teeth-friendly benefits are almonds. Known for their protein and calcium, almonds taste great while they’re hard at work giving your smile what it needs to stay strong.


Calcium and protein are essential for strong, healthy teeth and bones, and cheese has both!

This creamy, delicious snack enhances the flavors of your salad, lean burgers, and can even be enjoyed all on its own. Along with strength, it sweeps away debris in your mouth as you eat it. Snacking on cheese cubes is the perfect choice for your spring picnic.


Crunchy celery sticks are definitely kind to your teeth. As you chew celery, it begins to tear apart in strips that help clear bits of food stuck between teeth and gums, and it gets the saliva flowing!

It opens the floodgates so your body can use saliva to continue its natural effort to breakdown bacteria and shield your teeth.


Adding sliced apples to your picnic basket has two advantages for your smile.

First, they’re good for your body and your teeth and gums. Apples have lots of fiber and potassium that build powerful teeth and bones.

Second, apples work for you.

The texture of apples helps scrub the surfaces of your teeth and the hard to reach areas between them. Apples are also nice and crunchy, which is a great thing for your saliva production that has to remain constant to wash your mouth clean.


Creamy, delicious yogurt is an excellent source of calcium to strengthen your teeth and jawbone. When your enamel is healthy, it can better repel harmful acids and prevent erosion.

Another benefit of yogurt is that it’s a natural probiotic that will encourage a healthy gut and fend off harmful bacteria inside your mouth.

It should be an all-natural yogurt, though. Many will be flavored, sweetened, and filled with added sugar.

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