Experience Relief with TMJ Therapy

If you suffer from earaches, a popping or clicking jaw, jaw pain, or alike symptoms, you could be a victim of TMJ pain. Millions of people suffer from TMJ pain, and they may not know there is relief to their grief. Dr. DiGiallorenzo and Dr. Bui have been helping people in the Philadelphia area with their TMJ pain for over 20 years, and they are ready and able to help alleviate you of your pain.

The process of helping your with your TMJ pain begins with a consultation with Drs. DiGiallorenzo or Bui. There, they will be able to fully assess your symptoms and prescribe the right treatment for you. One thing that can help with your TMJ pain is wearing a mouth guard. It positions your mouth in the most comfortable way, and prevents your jaw from clenching. Drs. DiGiallorenzo or Bui may also recommend nutritional supplements. These supplements promote health and relaxation in your joints, muscles, and nerves. Another option is tooth replacement therapy, muscle relaxants, and cervical alignments.

Whatever treatment Drs. DiGiallorenzo and Bui may deem appropriate for your situation, this care and holistic approach will leave you feeling relieved and free of pain. If you feel as though you may suffer from TMJ pain and would Drs. DiGiallorenzo and Bui’s help, make an appointment today!

Contact either our Williamsport or Collegeville office today to schedule an appointment! Dr. DiGiallorenzo and his team are happy to welcome patients from the Philadelphia area and beyond to participate in our outstanding, holistic dental care that leaves teeth happier and healthier than ever before.

Meet Dr. D

Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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