How Digital Impression Scanning Improves Patient Experience


As dental technology continues to evolve, it is essential that oral healthcare professionals keep abreast of the latest advancements in the industry. Doing so not only aids in streamlining the treatment process in a variety of applications, but also dramatically enhances patient experience and improves results over the long term. At LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania in Williamsport and Collegeville, PA, Dr. David DiGiallorenzo and his team consistently strive to provide our patients with the most state-of-the-art technology and procedures in order to ensure optimal oral health and overall wellness.

Benefits of Digital Impression Scanning

Previously, impressions taken in order to create custom restorations were obtained using messy impression materials, often discouraging patients from even seeking the treatment they needed. At our practice, however, we understand that your comfort plays a major role in your treatment. We work to ensure that each and every one of your visits and treatments is as minimally invasive as possible. With digital impression scanning, we maximize workflow for shorter appointments and a better dental chair experience overall.

There are numerous benefits associated with digital impression scanning. These include:

  • Patient comfort – No messy, sticky impression materials that often taste bad, and can even contribute to gagging in patients with sensitive gag reflexes.
  • Accuracy – When digital impressions are taken, every minute surface of the teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth are taken into full, clear consideration; this data is then used to render a 3D model that can be easily evaluated and manipulated using advanced computer software.
  • Speed – We know that your time is valuable. Digital impressions take less time to capture, allowing you to move on with your day quickly and comfortably following your appointment.

The advancements in technology featured at LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania include a variety of other benefits to our patients as well, including the following:

  • Millennium Laser for use in LANAP protocol treatment for periodontal disease
  • Oraqix anesthesia administration, completely injection-free
  • The Wand – painless injection of anesthesia
  • Periostat, providing enzyme suppression for more effective treatment of gum disease
  • BTI PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) for stimulation of soft tissues, facilitating faster, more comfortable, and more natural recovery following treatment

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At LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania in Collegeville, PA and Williamsport, PA, Dr. DiGiallorenzo believes that every patient deserves to have access to the best oral healthcare technology available in the industry. That is why we are constantly adding the latest advancements to our practice, giving our patients the highest advantage when it comes to all types of treatment.

From the placement and restoration of dental implants using digital impressions and chairside milling to the most effective periodontal disease treatment in the world, our services are centered around your health, comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Contact our office today to discover what a difference our commitment to cutting-edge technology and patient wellness can make in your life. From our two conveniently located offices, we proudly serve patients from Collegeville, Williamsport, Lock Haven, Pottstown, Sunbury, Bloomsburg, and the surrounding areas.

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Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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