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Are you wondering if that problem tooth of yours can be saved? Are you worried that it might need to come out? Call our Collegeville dental office (610-228-4366) or our Williamsport dental office (570-505-6908) today to schedule your next appointment. Because our dentists are very well trained, you can finally find out if you will need a tooth extraction or not. The longer you want, the greater the chance that problem will only get worse for you.

Ignoring That Dental Extraction Is Bad News

It’s common for people to ignore problems and hope they disappear on their own. In fact, that can happen from time to time. However, dental problems that might require a tooth extraction are rarely one of these. Instead, it can get worse like this:

  • An infection inside a tooth spreads through your body.
  • A toothache gets much more painful.
  • The jawbone around a problem tooth starts to weaken.
  • A weak tooth can break off inside your mouth.

That’s why it’s so important to call our Pennsylvania dentists and schedule your next appointment. Our dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to determine the best treatment for you. If a dental extraction is needed, our dentists have the right mix of training and experience to make sure your tooth removal goes as smoothly as possible.

Why A Tooth Extraction Can Be Necessary

Again, your smile will be examined to make sure there are no other options available. But here are some cases where a dental extraction is most likely the best choice for your smile.

Gum disease is getting ready to make a tooth come out.

Your mouth has some harmful bacteria. (Don’t worry, everyone’s mouth has some of them.) If they infect your gums, then they cause two problems. First, your gums pull away from your teeth. Second, your jawbone starts to deteriorate. Both mean gum disease can make your teeth fall out.

That’s why you need to call our Pennsylvania dentists and get a dental extraction for any such teeth. If they’re going to fall out, you want to control how that happens. Otherwise, you won’t accidentally swallow it or break it.

A tooth is severely infected.

Those same bacteria are the cause of cavities. If you have a cavity that gets deep enough, it can break through your enamel and infect the inside of your tooth. As it spreads there, the infection turns your enamel brittle and easy broken. At this point, there isn’t enough healthy tooth left to save.

Call our Collegeville dental office or our Williamsport dental office today for a tooth extraction. If you leave that infected tooth in there, the infection can spread to other parts of your body. You can also break that tooth by chewing on something hard. An infected tooth is one that really needs to come out.

A wisdom tooth is coming in incorrectly.

Your third molars (or wisdom teeth) come in much later than your other adult teeth. That means there are usually problems with that process. Many wisdom teeth never fully come in and get impacted. Others try to come in partially underneath your other molars. In the end, your wisdom teeth can do a lot of damage to your smile.

By calling us today, you can schedule an appointment to remove those troublesome wisdom teeth. Our dentists are very experienced in wisdom tooth extractions and can remove your problem safely.

Your smile is overcrowded.

Some people end up with too many teeth. This can happen one of two ways:

  1. A baby tooth is stubborn and did not fall out when it should.
  2. You were just born with too many adult teeth.

Extra teeth like these lead to dental health problems. For example, it can be easier for food to get trapped in that crowded smile, increasing your risk of cavities. Then there’s the look of your smile. You simply do not look as good as you can with extra teeth.

In these cases, you can call our Pennsylvania dentists and schedule a dental extraction. Removing those unnecessary and extra teeth can help your smile stay healthy and look much better.

Call the LANAP & Implant Center of Pennsylvania TODAY at our Collegeville office (610-228-4366) or our Williamsport office (570-505-6908) to schedule your next appointment for a dental extraction. Our team will make sure there isn’t any other way to fix those dental problems. If there isn’t, then you can get the tooth extraction you need to keep your smile healthy and safe.


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Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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