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A Metal-Free Way To Complete Your Smile [BLOG]

  • November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving has a way of inspiring tooth loss patients and denture-wearers to seek better, stronger solutions in tooth replacement.

That’s because replacing missing teeth is not just about filling the empty spaces inside your mouth.

It’s about your quality of life, which is why our team at the LANAP & Implant Center are dedicated to providing the widest range of options for our Collegeville, PA and South Williamsport, PA patients.

A Metal-Free Way To Complete Your Smile

People come from all around to seek the expert care of Dr. DiGiallorenzo and our team of specialists, and with good reason!

We house the latest in dental technology and have extensive training and experience, particularly with implant dentistry.

When other professionals determine a patient isn’t a good candidate for dental implants, we’re able to provide the necessary skills and advanced technology to prove otherwise.

Along with that, you have the advantage of being in the care of a holistic dental practice, with all the available treatments and strategies to optimize successful outcomes.

Metal-free solutions are just one of the benefits our patients enjoy when they come to us to complete their smiles!

Why Patients Appreciate Metal-Free Dental Implants

Dr. DiGiallorenzo specializes in holistic dentistry and periodontal health. That’s why he and our team want all of our tooth loss patients to have wide-ranging options in replacement solutions.

Here are some of the reasons patients particularly appreciate our options in metal-free zirconia dental implants!

*Protect Your Overall Health*

The greatest advantage of dental implants above other teeth replacement solutions is the long term outlook of your oral and overall health. With the needed jawbone stimulation implants allow, since it fuses to the bone and acts as an artificial tooth root, you have a strong foundation for a healthier mouth.

But with metal-free dental implants, there’s an added bonus to your total wellness.

Zirconia is biocompatible, like titanium, but won’t create a health concern for patients with sensitivities or allergies to metal.

*Prevent Gum Disease*

Because our interest in your health goes beyond your oral health, we’re proud to offer metal-free dental implants for their ability to fight harmful buildup on your teeth.

Zirconia implants, with their natural properties that fend off plaque buildup, can help prevent the development of gum disease, which may result in greater longevity of your replacement teeth.

With strong, healthy gums, you can enjoy a longer-lasting smile and powerful bite thanks to these metal-free implants!

*Preserve Your Natural-Looking Smile*

Traditional dental implants made of titanium are certainly effective in providing a long-lasting, stable foundation for replacement teeth. But for some patients, the dark color of titanium may be visible around the gumline.

That may be a dealbreaker for anyone concerned about the appearance of their smile.

Zirconia, on the other hand, more closely resembles the color of real tooth roots, which allows patients to preserve a more natural-looking smile.

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Dr. DiGiallorenzo and our team believe a holistic approach to dental care is an effective way to optimize the success of your treatment. That’s why we invest in extensive training and all the advanced tools our patients need to replace missing teeth with a metal-free option like our zirconia implants.

Find out if they’re the right fit for your smile!

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