Dental Crowns: A Strong, Lifelike Smile Solution! [INFOGRAPHIC]

One of the many ways we can restore your oral health and function is with a dental crown, a versatile smile solution! Take a look at today’s infographic to see some of the teeth problems dental crowns can fix, and a special way our dental expert, Dr. DiGiallorenzo, can add superior strength and durability to these remarkable restorations! Call the LANAP & Implant Center at ...

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Enjoy The New Season With A Smile Makeover! [BLOG]

Another turn of the season is upon us, and your friends at The LANAP & Implant Center want to help you enjoy it to the fullest. That’s why we’re telling you about the life-changing power of a smile makeover and why now is a great time to meet with us to get started on your custom treatment plan! Fall Is A Great Time To Transform Your Smile! Full disclosure - you don’t need an ...

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Dental Implants Gave Lynda A Million Dollar Smile! [VIDEO]

In her search for a better teeth replacement option than conventional dentures, Lynda stumbled upon renowned dental implant expert, Dr. DiGiallorenzo, and decided to pay him a visit. She could tell right away that Dr. D would be someone she could trust who would truly invest in her dental health and quality of life moving forward. Now, as you’ll see from today’s video, Lynda is proud to ...

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Let’s Check For Signs Of Gum Disease! [QUIZ]

Before we say goodbye to Dental Implant Month, we want to call attention to the number one reason you might need dental implants in the first place. Tooth loss can happen for any number of reasons, but the most common one is gum disease. We invite you to answer a few questions today to check for any symptoms so that we can intervene, and ultimately, save your teeth! Call the LANAP & ...

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Complete Your Smile With Total Tooth Replacement! [BLOG]

We can’t let August pass by without bringing to your attention one of the greatest innovations in dental implant procedures! Dental Implant Month is the perfect time to tell you about our immediate total tooth replacement at the LANAP & Implant Center and what makes this such a groundbreaking method for rebuilding your smile after tooth loss! Dental Implants & Technology Have ...

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We Improved This Patient’s Life With Dental Implants! [VIDEO]

Periodontal disease, tooth loss, and other dental problems not only made Kathy unhealthy, but she was profoundly ashamed about the appearance of her smile. When she’d finally had enough of poor dental health, she trusted our specialists at the LANAP & Implant Center, and she’s never looked back! Hear Kathy explain how our dental implant treatment plan restored her health, smile, and ...

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Live More Fully With A Full-Mouth Reconstruction! [BLOG]

Did you spend Independence Day feeling miserable because you couldn’t relax and enjoy catching up with family and friends? Did your stomach growl at the mouth-watering aroma of grilled chicken and crunchy vegetables that you knew you couldn’t eat? Do you want to avoid a repeat of this summer’s July 4th barbecue where your missing teeth or loose dentures had you feeling ashamed, stressed, ...

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Should I Try Nutritional Therapy To Improve My Dental Health? [QUIZ]

Your teeth and gums need more than routine cleanings and exams to stay strong and healthy. That’s why Dr. DiGiallorenzo and our team rely on an integrated approach to dental care so you can enjoy better overall wellness. Answer the questions on our quiz to see if you should take advantage of our nutritional therapy services to improve your oral and overall health! To learn more about ...

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Dental Implants Give Unhealthy Smiles A Fresh Start [PHOTO]

As we get ready to celebrate our country’s independence, it’s nice to take a moment to acknowledge the freedom we all enjoy to live exactly the way we want. But if tooth loss or an unhealthy mouth overall is holding you back from the life you deserve, our team at the LANAP & Implant Center wants you to know there’s a way to give your smile a fresh start. Check out today’s before ...

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3 Ways To Improve Your Dental Health This Summer [BLOG]

Summer is the perfect time to give your mouth and body a fresh start. At our Collegeville and South Williamsport dental offices, you have a team of experienced professionals who can combine the best in modern, innovative care with tried-and-true ancient practices to promote better total health and quality of life! 3 Ways To Enjoy Better Dental Health This Summer! Here are three ways your ...

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Dr. David DiGiallorenzo received his training at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Periodontics and Periodontal Prosthesis in the early 1990s. His training included prosthodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, and advanced oral reconstructive techniques, including oral implantology.

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