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Acupuncture Services

Dr. DiGiallorenzo is committed to providing his Philadelphia-area patients with excellent holistic care. That’s why, as part of his many services, he also offers acupuncture.

Amanda Ruth, our acupuncturist, is licensed to provide care and holds a master’s degree in the practice. She is also board certified by the National Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and has studied many techniques, including TCM, Five Element Acupuncture, and Japanese Acupuncture. An initial treatment with Amanda lasts an hour and a half, with follow-up visits lasting for up to 60 minutes. The cost of an initial appointment is $95 and drops to $80 for follow-up appointments.

On top of this, Amanda is also certified to offer facial rejuvenation treatments. Completing a facial rejuvenation takes longer, because of the more meticulous work involved. An initial appointment will take as long as two hours, while a follow-up visit lasts for an hour and a half. Because facial rejuvenation take longer and are more involved, the pricing is also higher. An initial appointment is $175 and follow-ups are $150. We recommend a round of 10 treatments and then maintenance if necessary.

Using acupuncture, we can help patients from Philadelphia and surrounding areas treat a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Infertility
  • Smoking
  • Weight loss and eating disorders
  • Stress
  • Pain anywhere in the body
  • Allergies and sinus problems
  • Colds and Flu
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Skin disorders like acne or rashes
  • Anxiety and depression

How does acupuncture address such very different issues? Practitioners of acupuncture point to the way energy flows through the body. When this energy’s natural flow is disrupted, an imbalance is created. Techniques like TCM, Five Element Acupuncture, and Japanese Acupuncture—all of which Amanda has studied—are used to apply stimulation to specific points on the body to correct these imbalances and restore the body’s natural flow of energy.

But acupuncture is just one way Dr. DiGiallorenzo is helping patients address their oral and overall health needs. To learn more about this service, or any other service we offer, contact one of our offices with your questions or schedule an appointment with us. You can also send your questions directly to Dr. DiGiallorenzo.